Fire Desire Kama

Fire picture

Lustful desire, the game of fire.

The game that is not for kids.

Master, magician of fire elemental

Use it as a fuel to rise up,

Fire that makes you fly,rocket fuel,

The fire the great animator of the world.

The gravity that becomes obsolete,

There is no road that is impossible to travel,

The fire burns the obstacles,

Obstacles that become phantoms.

Keep the fire just right temperature,

Balanced temperature

Not too much, not too less fuel,

Just right.

Master of the fire elemental

Transcend it into Divine Love,

That which was worldly became Divine,

The dance of life,

1 and 1 experience each other,

Perfect choreography in the eye of eternity,

Breathing the same rhythm,

Eternity experience itself.

What is the point?


The game is not for amateurs

Side effects of fire it burns and it hurts,

Kids don’t play with matches.

© laura ciciskinaite


The art of empty page

Blank page

Life philosophies, notions, definitions…

Trying to catalogue the life, put things into boxes,

Smaller boxes…

The book of life overflows with words,

Writing words on the written words,

There are no spaces, words cover words,

Cacophony of words and philosophies,

This is just obstacle to life.

Can you be life?

Can you feel life running through your veins?

The air that fills you?

Being human,

Being animal or plant,

The jaguar running in the jungle, so strong and fast, explosive power…

Being the power, the life force…

Take many forms and live out moment to moment metamorphoses…

The known and have faith in unknown.

Delete philosophies, sentences, words…

Leave page for the future blank, white page…

Write as you go,

Start new book

Universe agrees with me


Car numbers

AUM it is…

When you see sounds and then void

Clear light of reality…

© laura ciciskinaite

Invincible Bodhisattva be Buddha


Felt your pain the pain, so intense,

Don’t know if being can withstand that pain…

So, Bodhisattva fell in love.

Why would you want to fall?

Tried to fix someone who was broken,

Bodhisattva wanted to face shadow, so she saw,

The most perfect shadow,

The being in pain, there was soo much pain.

How can you withstand that pain?

Bodhisattva though that she was invincible to pain,

She felt the pain of the loved one, she saw the shadow.

The pain, so unbearable.

Bodhisattva, the way of the saviour…

Tragic-comic path of Bodhisattva,

Who would choose that road?

Who are you trying to save?

Why you try to save someone who doesn’t want to be changed or saved?

Please, Bodhisattva don’t think you are invincible, you going to feel his pain…

How much pain is too much pain?

Then the guilt kicked in, why can’t you save him?

You thought you were bullet proof…

Maybe it’s not time…

Let go, please, let go….

Take the love and please leave…

Close the door behind.

Please leave, he is like a salt on the wound…

You want to change for him,

Does he want to change for you?

His care is fake, his heart is frozen, bankrupt soul…

Just leave, darling, please leave…

Don’t indulge in this masochistic endeavour,

Keep the love and leave…

Thank you for exposing my weakest parts,

Thank you for being an aim,

Thank you for letting me see the creations of the darkness,

It was grotesque, demonic creations…

Bodhisattva descended into inferno…

Thank you, won’t get into the details of that macabre creation,

Bodhisattva has to leave,

Bodhisattva tried,

Exit the boat,

Burn the boat.

Just a bad dream.

Was it real?

Did it ever happened?

Life goes on…


© laura ciciskinaite

Chasing Divinity

Chasing Divinity Seagul

Still running running,

Try reach the destination,

Destination Divinity!

Trying to find, trying to reach

It seems unreachable, unreal.

Moving towards, keep moving

Movement and effort,

Looking far and looking near

Where is it?

Zoom in, zoom out

Where is it?

Run around the world, run around the worlds…

The search was long, through time and space…

Even when body is still, running still happens,

Thoughts run so fast, beyond the speed of light,

One point to another…

Desire the desirelessness although it is still desire,

Fearing the fear although it is still a fear

Desiring go beyond desire and fear…

Thirst for Divinity

Who is going to sooth the thirst?

Diving deep in the ocean,

Asking seals and jelly fish

Where is the Divinity?

Seals answered, it is beyond imagination…

It is imagination itself, that imagines itself into existence

Although it is beyond imagination and beyond existence

It doesn’t exist it is not although thatness, noneness, imagine itself into existence…

Existence runs wild

That which exists wants to exist whether it is angel or demon

They find the meaning to exist, to be, even though they are not…

So were is the Divine?

Where is it not?


© laura ciciskinaite

August august Augustus…

Pink moon

The blackness of the August night, holds the red light of the blood moon,

Reflection of the luminary in the ocean water, so unreal,

Pink glitter playing in the waves, disturbing stillness of the summer night.

Run as fast as can run away from, run towards…

Run till can’t feel the body anymore,

The movement of the body, can’t feel the movement although surroundings move,

Changing episodes, moving clouds, falling stars like fireworks in the sky.

Leave the dead fishes behind, run towards new born seagulls,

Closing doors of old realities, opening new doors.

Seeing past as footprints in the sand,

Can’t even capture footprints, waves rush to clear them.

Aloneness in the night, feel the oneness with everything

Moving through darkness, like a sea wave.

Freedom of the night before it gives birth to the morning.

Dissolving darkest fears and running towards something beyond imagination,

Running towards self, an empty night sky.

Just leave the movement, just drop it, embrace the lightness

It feels like floating in the space, the lightness.

All that I lived for, all that I died for throughout those lifetimes,

Realizing mortality in immortality,

It was and it is not anymore,

So much movement…

Slipped like sand through my fingers

It seems I have ran forever,

Moving through existence,

Seeing civilizations rise and fall,

It was so meaningful and then the meaning changes…

August see as august the new year, new beginning, new movement…

© laura ciciskinaite

Zen Silence

Swan Garnys

Beingness embraces silence,

Movement stops…stillness,

Beingness listens to silence what it has to say…

Gaps between words,

Gaps between thoughts,

Gaps between sounds,

0 and 1 is creation,

Notes and gaps make a symphony…

Beingness truly learns, when it learns read the gaps.

Silence teaches much,

The source is silent although it creates sound

That rise and fall, the waves of sound and stillness of the silence.

Breath in and out…and so it is,

Embrace the silence, ignore the words

Return to inner core bring back the balance,

…no words left to say…

Enjoy the silence!!!!!!!!!


©Laura Ciciskinaite

Zen Sunset Sadness

Sun set zen

Sadness of the ending day,

Experience ends,

Sadness overwhelms beingness.

It doesn’t want to let go of the passing day,

Beingness tries to fight sadness, tries to run away from it,

Evening closed the door for the day.

Sadness asks beingness embrace it,

Sadness has lessons to teach,

Be still for the moment and listen,

Be quieter than a blade of grass and be still as a tree.

Beingness embraces the sadness,

Sadness you are welcome here,

Nice to meet you!

Have a cup of tea,


Talking to sadness,

Sadness said everything it wanted to say,

It was heard,

Shining the light on sadness,

Sadness left, it taught it’s lesson.

Birth of the new experience started,

New feeling,

Colours became brighter

Freshness and stillness of the evening hugs the beingness,

Journey continues…


Zen Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale Zen 5

Stillness of the forest,

Beauty of the nature,

Life cycle…

The yellow butterflies play in the spring sun rays,

The little miracles of the nature

Appearing out of nowhere.

Greenery of the trees,

Ground covered in the last years leaves,

Through brownness of the leaves, the blue flowers rise towards the spring sun,

The new grows out of an old,

The leaves ceasing to exist, give turn for the new life,

The New life springs out of an old…

Old and new,

Beginning and end,

Fall and spring,

Life and death

The play of duality,

Change in process…

Drink in the moment fully,

Desire rises to keep this moment forever,

Time stopped for a moment,there was no time…

Just want to grasp and hold the moment,

It was and it is not anymore,

Time to move on.

New moment starts new experience rise,

Can’t stop the change

Growth continues…


© Laura Ciciskinaite

Zen Market Place

Zen Martket Place Photo

So, we meet again where everything started,

The place where buying and selling is done.

Time in the cave, miss the cave, it was so comfortable.

Nobody was lying, no stupid movies, no drama to watch.

It was quiet.

Now the noise of the market.

What are we selling?

The Enlightenment, Oneness, Noneness, Thatness, Nameless

Although it may have a name.

How will we package it?

Who is going to buy it?

Who is selling?

What is the price tag?

There is no drama to watch…

Buy the way who is watching?

Who is the observer?

Where the I and the Other are gone?

Who is experiencing?

Experiencing what?


© Laura Ciciskinaite




Buying and selling, selling and buying…

What will you buy? What will you sell?

What is your worth? Who is valuing you?

Illusion within the illusion, Maya within the Maya

Wielded by the gods and the demons…

Who is selling better illusion and game?

What will you buy?What will you sell?

Tired of games and illusions!

Trying brake out of the labyrinth,

Want to break free,

Want to be free!

Stop selling lies, lies are boring!

Stop selling the games, games are outdated!

Lies are boring and not entertaining, just a noise

Meaningless noise…

Noise like dogs barking.

The dog is barking, the camel continues its journey.

Just move on.

The noise dies in the winds of existence, as if never existed.

The freedom WINS!


© Laura Ciciskinaite