Reality Dragonfly


Enter the dragonfly, snake and frog reality. Mystical beings, masters of transformation and metamorphosis, inspiration for change. Beings that are connected to a water element, their reality is fluid and flowing.Learning how to go with the flow, of course with the right kind of flow 🙂 Walking out from one reality into another…

Realities differ a lot, each reality is its own  world, each person human or non human, lives in their own version of reality. Every person walks in their own movie, reality show and of course they are the super star of their own show. Watching human shows is kind a boring because most humans try desperately to be authentic and original and out of that, they get very desperate and inauthentic show, rather boring, horribly boring…

I am in a middle of nowhere in the forest sitting by the pond, very romantic place hanging out with frogs, dragonflies and snakes. Frogs and snakes seem very meditative…

Gazing at the frog it doesn’t move just gazes back at me, we meditate on each other, and snake comes in the scene, it gazes at me for short while and dives back into the water.A lot of dragonflies pass by me, they are very playful and colourful maybe a bit distracting but in a good way 🙂 I wonder if dragonflies get attached to their dragonflynness because it seems humans attach to their humanness…

Snakes are very meditative creatures.In ancient Egypt they use to keep snakes especially cobras as their companions this was sort of prove their own emotional stability and fearlessness, because if you have any anxiety or fear even the smallest amount cobra will instantly kill you and you are dead in few minutes. Ancient Egyptians also use to keep lions for the same purpose. Don’t do this at this day and age because humans are very emotionally unstable and full of fear, so nowadays they would be killed instantly.

In the astral realm it is very easy to enter and exit different realities, of course if you are welcome there, otherwise the doors will be closed and walls built so you won’t be able to enter.In 3D world maybe it is a bit difficult to enter and leave reality’s because of the dependency, a lot of the times financial dependency and  believe systems. What keeps you in certain reality is your believe system, of course physical aspects are also very important, you get influenced by outside world but you also can influence the outside. It takes quite some effort to pull yourself out of the unwanted reality, imagine if you live in reality where everybody is alcoholic and you are the only one who doesn’t drink alcohol, if everybody is an alcoholic and you don’t want to drink then you are not normal, you fit out.If you want to leave that reality it could be hard because other realities are unknown. Fear of the unknown is a big thing, of course situation changes if somebody is willing to show you around the  unknown and when unknown becomes familiar you decide if you want to stay or move on.

I like this quote from the ‘Matrix’ movie when Morpheus says to Neo:’What is real? How do you define ‘real’? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.’

Another famous quote that defines reality :’If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’ Nicola Tesla

Famous Plato allegory: ‘The Allegory of The Cave’ attempted to answer question: what reality is? People who rely only on their senses seem stuck in ‘the cave reality’ and shadows seem real to them. Only those who explore further than ‘the cave reality’ can see a bigger picture. It seems that Plato predicted ‘The Cave Reality’ it’s like people who follow mainstream media and watch TV, it is like they watch shadow show and they don’t want to leave their cave.

Reality seems like M. C. Eschers drawings it has structure but words can’t explain much.Well, words are very limited form of communication.

So what creates your reality ? Your spiritual,mental,emotional, physical state creates your reality so you should take care of all these aspects. A lot of humans want to take care only physical aspect of their being and this may create a lot of pain and suffering and yes things are changing, another part of human beings started to take care of all parts of their being. These two sides of humanity are worlds apart, they live in different realities, even if they share same physical space. The gap between two realities seems getting bigger and bigger…

Now is the time to learn how to transform, change be fluid and adaptable like dragonfly…

Reality is in infinite amounts of ways…

© Laura Ciciskinaite




Life and Death

Life and Death Image

Life and death cycle…it is a process of nature. On this planet for a long time there was imbalance between life and death cycle, well, you can perfectly see this in current medical system and pharmaceutical industry, these industries in many cases don’t let beings live nor let them die, it keeps biological body in limbo not alive, nor dead, like a zombie. This state causes a lot of pain and suffering which is food for demon beings.

Demonic beings like to incarcerate living beings just to feed of their energy that includes plant, animal and human life. So what do you think slaughter houses and horrible farms are for?Well, basically just harvest suffering energy…Why do you think people now live in such a horrible houses that are like cardboard boxes, basically blocks of flats look like chicken coops? The ugly environment, trashy art, unhealthy life style creates perfect space for demonic beings and of course hell for other beings.

Humans are so far away from nature and natural life and death process. Separation from nature causes a lot of pain and suffering…The solution for the situations is, spend as much time in nature as you can be present, aware and grateful for the nature because that is your source of life, you are it, you are nature. Nature can teach you so many things,when you go to meet nature be respectful behave with it like with your friend, because you are part of nature, just be with it, be nature. Get to know nature. Where do you think ancient masters use to draw their knowledge from?

‘As above so below’ getting to know micro and macro cosmos…

Watching light particles playing in the air they are all different…even the smallest particles of nature are unique.

Human beings want to go to the same plastic surgeon to look the same…Why? Sameness seems like incarceration… a lot of human beings like to just ‘copy paste’ reality…this is like a scene from some horror or dystopia movie, tragic and comical…Did you see movies ‘Escape from L.A.’ and ‘Idiocracy’ ? The movies were quite prophetic, especially the scene from the movie Idiocracy when people watch movie and in the movie they just show someones ass for 90 minutes and it seems funny to everyone, and it even won Oscars. Have you noticed that mainstream media is that ass scene from the movie? That is why a lot of peoples attention span is maybe 3 seconds and all they can do just ‘copy paste’ crap reality. Main stream media totally kills creativity and human potential.It makes human stupid and zombie like.

Want to be wise spend time in nature. Nature teaches so many things and organic process of life and death. Maybe after spending time in nature you will loose your fears of living and fear of dying.

People understand dying as death of physical body, but it could be a death of your old lifestyle, death of habits, death of old you…Death can teach you how to be detached, how to let go and how to live life fully , because tomorrow might not come…Even scientist can tell you tomorrow doesn’t exist.There is only now.

I have been observing birds for quite few years and they are so detached, totally live in the moment. I am grateful for the bird wisdom, they are such a great masters.

Life and death cycle on the beach…the beach that stretches few miles there are so many life forms from most simple life forms as molluscs to complex life forms as whales. There is this part of beach where you can step on the rocks, the rocky part of the beach, rocks are the home of variate of plant and mollusc life, you can feel and hear how plants and molluscs breath and live, they have created their reality which seems magical like scenes form the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Molluscs are perfect food for the birds, there are so many variety of birds, so many colours,sizes…When birds pick out molluscs from their shells, empty shells lie on the sand, some of them look like colourful easter eggs, some of them look like broken blue porcelain crockery.Shells turn into colourful sand after some time…life and death cycle, from living breathing being turning into sand ‘Ashes to ashes, dust to dust’. Death to mollusc, food for bird. It is sad that beings have to eat other being just to live…well maybe one day this will change.

There were quite few dead bodies of birds lying on the beach don’t know weather they have died from natural causes or ate rubbish that humans leave behind…so many humans are so disrespectful to life, they are so careless about their own life and other beings lives…human irresponsibility and disrespect causes so much unnecessary pain and suffering…

What causes pain and suffering? Separation from nature and consumerist life which is so unnatural for human beings. The solution, reconnect with nature, with mother earth be grateful and stop consumerist lifestyle. Yeah, shopping is not going to solve your problems. Other peoples approvals not going to make you happy it is just going to make you approval junkie.

© Laura Ciciskinaite


Change 4 seasons

Four seasons are one of the best representation of change on this planet. You can see how things are born, grow, decay and die. Day and night is one of the representations of light and dark on this planet.This world has beginnings and endings…

Some of the heaven worlds probably don’t have night and four seasons, they live in one season world which is illuminated by few suns. Some of the worlds are just perfect perfection where there are no beginnings and no endings. Change happens in those worlds too but different type of change. In our case we have to face light and dark also four seasons. At the moment this is the world of polarity; good and bad, nice and ugly, pain and pleasure…Sometimes you have to look at things that are not pretty because if you are going to deny their existence it doesn’t mean it is going to cease to exist, you don’t fight it either, fighting may make it stronger.

Change happens constantly if you resist change it causes you pain and in a long run this may lead you to suffering. Change could be uncomfortable and people on this planet don’t like change, by living in their box life, change is challenging for them.

Letting go is hard…

Attachment is an addiction on this planet…

Drama is very addictive drug…humans please drop the drama it is so tiring!

Human beings like to hoard, because of fear of lack and loss, or the neediness and stinginess…

It is difficult to let go of people, places, things…humans are afraid of the unknown so they cling to things that no longer serve them, even if it causes suffering. It seems known suffering is better than, unknown even if there is ‘a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’.

For humans on this planet unknown is so scary because they have been traumatized so many times in this and previous lives. Mass media sells you fear on every corner. They do this because they want you to believe in fear and create reality for them. The solution is to switch of the TV and main stream media, oh lame stream media. After doing that you will gain a lot.

Being in a limbo state it is so hard when you don’t see a future. When things haven’t ended yet and things haven’t began yet. Mind can get caught in fear and fear clouds your mind even more.

So, how do you go smoothly through change learn mental, emotional processing, meditate, spend time in nature, be in silence, still your mind…Don’t be afraid spending time on your own, alone doesn’t mean lonely, well at least you can do what you want, nobody stops you. When you are alone you can get to know your self, you don’t have to cope with other peoples projections.

When you are still answer will come and change is going to be a natural process, can’t promise it is going to be painless…,well you could say change will push you out of your comfort zone and it doesn’t turn into suffering.

If you have nervous breakdowns during change, using alcohol, or any other addictive substances it is a bad idea because it clouds your mind even more and you can’t see clearly.

‘The only thing that is constant is change.’ Heraclitus

© Laura Ciciskinaite

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Transience Wabi-Sabi


First thing that comes in mind thinking about transience,Buddhist monks in their perfect ochre robes making a colourful sand mandala. It takes long time to make it, soon after it is made it is destroyed. Creation and destruction…Sand mandalas are representation of transient material life.

Creation and destruction of mandala is highly ceremonial.

I like to create my ‘sand’ mandalas not really from sand. One was created out of sea shells, very tiny sea shells…nobody can put a price tag on creation like that and now it only ‘exists‘ as photo image…

One day I have left message in the sand made of sea rocks. Of course the message no longer exist in material form, it was washed away by sea waves, hopefully somebody got the message…


Sea also makes wonderful drawings. Pictures are so perfect…


Drawings disappear after few hours. Sea water washes pictures away…


The next day new pictures are created…different pictures.


Everything is in constant change, well if things would stay the same that would be boring.

There is this saying; ‘The more things change the more they stay the same.’ Constant and change are different sides of the same coin.

Some people say, ‘oh those lifetimes in Lemuria and Atlantis were so much nicer better and now life is so grey’. Remember the lives in Egypt they were so cool I was trying to grasp on those moments, those lifetimes although they slipped through my fingers like sand…

Yes, that might be true. As they say, ‘all good things come to the end’, yeah, but they forgot to say that bad things come to the end too.

My sea shells turn into sand and maybe one day somebody is going to make colourful sand mandala out of that sand.


Make your own own ‘sand’ mandala every day, every moment, choose colours and ingredients that are best for you and makes you joyful. Enjoy things while they last and don’t be afraid to let go when it is time to do so…

© Laura Ciciskinaite