Owls 🦉 UFO 🛸 Aliens

The first encounter with an owl you can see it in the photo. It is a big male eagle owl.

It was weekend I was walking in shopping mall and I saw lots of birds of prey sitting there in the middle of shopping mall, I went to see the birds, I can say I questioned ethics of keeping these birds in captivity, although in wild their life is very tough, about 70 % of beings don’t even survive their first year of life.

So I was looking at birds and decided get a photo with biggest bird, so big bird was sitting on my arm, he is very heavy bird. He looked at me non stop, he was very curious. The bird had this cat bird energy about him. After photo I looked at birds once more and left the shopping mall, this was first experience with a captive bird of prey. First time I seen owl this close. I can probably my favourite bird an owl.

I use to go to meditate in this nature place and there were a lot of birds in the area. Many times the birds would surround me, other beings would come out too. One night I was meditating and suddenly owl flew right to my face and it looked into my eyes, the owl 🦉 was literally right in my face about few cm away from my face. The owls have this very subtle energy about them they are very silent, nearly invisible. I never heard owl flying around me, it seemed like it appeared out of nowhere. The owl was curious it looked at me and flew away. The owl was small and harmless it just wanted to check who came into it’s hunting territory. I kind of enjoyed this experience seeing wild owl this close and looking at me.

One spring evening I went to my meditation place I lay down on the ground because I had back pain, closed my eyes. I was lying for few minutes, I suddenly opened my eyes and see this bird sitting on the stone and looking at me. I never heard it flying because it was an owl of course. It started circling around me and when it left my back pain gone it seemed owl cured my back pain.

I heard few stories of people having experience with owls and they say it was related to UFO or alien experience. In their stories owls were very big. Owls I encountered were rather small. I would think they were just birds maybe sometimes they were ‘spies’ for the subsurface beings although they seemed benevolent. Some of them were probably curious birds checking out who entered their territory. A lot of birds and animals approach me when I’m alone in nature they usually friendly. Could they be ‘spies’ for other beings? Probably yes because this way can observe humans and see their intentions. Also other beings wouldn’t want humans to be scared, imagine seeing some other being that you never seen before? I know I seen other kinds of beings and body gets scared because it doesn’t compute what stands in front. Humans are afraid of the unknown.

Recently when I was meditating outdoors owl came out again and it was circling above me and making lots noise. That was a bit mischievous owl and I could sense it was checking who this new person is.

The owl for me is like cat bird being, wise, subtle sometimes nearly invisible. I always wondered if there is owl Kung fu style, officially I couldn’t find any records of owl Kung fu style although if it were it may be mystery for the most…


Guardians Aliens Guides

Last summer I visited my home country Lithuanian and one morning I had very peculiar dream it was soo real. I was in this nice environment and see these humanoid beings they don’t look like adults they look more like children very thin so thin like they have no substance to them, they look a bit like faerie 🧚 beings although they have these big eyes and the colour of eyes is like pictures of galaxy, it’s very hard to describe the colour. More correct would be few glittery colours. Their eyes seem like galaxies. All of them had the same hair colour black, the hair was short. They were dressed in small dresses. The energy was like all of them is one tribe.

I felt very happy in their presence, then the phone rang and the dream had to finish. Back to physical reality. At the end of the dream one of the beings, that was a girl, gave me a wee rock, it was pretty, I took it.

I forgot the dream for a while, and few months ago went into spiritual stuff shop to buy some sage and stuff, and the shop assistant showed me a small rock, she said it “popped out”… I looked at it and bought it. Thought I have many rocks in the house, oh well I can have it because it’s small.

Only now when I look at the rock it looks like the rock “alien” beings passed to me. So I have the gift in the physical realm.

It wasn’t first time beings gave stuff to me, it’s just matter of learning to use it correctly. It takes time to figure out what to do with it.

The subsurface beings and “aliens” help us out quite a bit, you just have to recognise the help.

They are magical helpers…

There is help out there…

Species relocation …Saint… Sventoji

The image taken in a small Lithuanian town Sventoji the most accurate translation would be Saint in English. Sventoji is a sea 🌊 side town on a coast of a Baltic Sea. In the picture you may clearly see the seagulls that’s the first thing I have noticed when I reached the town. I was walking from one sea side town Palanga to Sventoji it takes about three hours to go from one town to other. You may walk on the beach which is white sand and you may see pine woods all the way. Very quiet and pleasant walk probably see only few people on the way.

You see the seagulls, so yes back to seagulls few years back seagulls didn’t live in Lithuanian we never had them on the beaches. Suddenly they appear. I was talking to my friends about this and they noticed same thing. One friend said “so, I was hearing this loud sound as if it sounded like baby crying and then I realised it’s a seagull”, she said it was few years back.

Now seagulls live not only at seaside towns they live even in Kaunas my home town and it’s far away from sea. One morning I was drinking tea and looking through the window and I sea seagulls flying by, few years back I never saw them during my tea drinking ceremony.

Seagulls might moved in during lockdown, how they travel to Lithuanian? Oh well they decided to relocate and had a long flight 😀 Maybe sea and sky seemed more blue in Lithuania.

Back to the towns name Sventoji which means female saint from Lithuanian language. I’d like to look more into word Saint, if you look at word saint in Russian language it derives from word light svetoj from word svet which means light. Then if you look at word light in English language it could mean light as in weight not luminescent, light like feather. Also the saying heart light as feather. Maybe seagulls feather. Interesting were thoughts taken me…

Magic wand 🪄 Arthur seat

If you walk down the famous street Royal mile in the city of Edinburgh, you reach another famous road Holyrood road. Then you see Holyrood abbey and on the other side there is Holyrood park other name for the place is Arthur seat.

It’s called Arthur seat because it’s associated with legendary King Arthur.

Now come back to name Royal mile takes you from Edinburgh castle to Holyrood palace it’s processional rout of royals, it’s approximately one Scottish mile of length.

So back to Holyrood abbey if you go back to pagan times that must been pagan power place so Christian’s built churches on top of every pagan power place. The name also sounds pagan if you take the word apart it would be Holy road or a Holy rod, magic wand 🪄 in today’s language. So if you see it as holy road it’s actually, a legend about a king and white stag in the area.White stag is a symbol of a spiritual path.

The Arthur seat also had tales about dragon that fell asleep there. In myth and legends people associated hills and mountains 🏔 with dragons and wisdom. In so many myth and legends people go to the mountain or hill where the dragon lives and ask dragon questions. In today’s world dragon is considered a mythical creature and in mythology dragon is one of the magical animals, so the animals would be phoenix, unicorn, dragon, tiger and tortoise. In today’s world we still have tiger and tortoise, so maybe we use to have others in physical form, dragons as well.

When you look at Arthur seat at certain angle it looks like sphinx or sleeping lion. One of Scottish flags has a lion on it although there are no lions in Scotland.

Others say Scotland has many tunnels and they may take you to Egypt and other places.

The video of the hill I made while walking. Magical

Life as sci fi movie, alien 👽 and ET

It was very cold winter day in Northern Ireland, easterly wind made it even colder. I like cold it makes the air more fresh it also shrinks human aura, also less people go out so you don’t feel human depression and negative thoughts around. Cold makes environment crisp.

We were walking through mountain roads the scene looked a bit like sci fi movie. The mountains are place for the water reservoir and it supplies water to the surrounding towns. We approached the water dam and it looks like from Bond movie. We climbed the stairs so we could see awesome view over the mountains. I was taking photos ( the one you see above). Of course the photo is awesome although there is a wee surprise in the photo, it looks like alien 👽 face. Try and see it 😀. You only see it in the photo, live I couldn’t see anything, my friend also took photo although no face.

It’s interesting coincidence or light game to get this photo although I don’t believe in coincidence. It looks like something wanted to be seen.

I’m very aware of subsurface beings living on the planet and yes lots of them live in nature and mountain areas.

You couldn’t call them alien because they live on the same planet. A lot of people are unaware of their existence and they think fairies, mermaid and other beings are just a myth.

Some people say by 2050 the ‘alien’ beings are going to walk between the surface humans, so it would be no separation between us.

Our evil powers that shouldn’t be might might fake the alien invasion which they call project blue beam, you may research it. I don’t think it’s going to work though because real alien may show up.

If any time soon fake aliens going to show up and tell they going to save you and ask you jump into their flying ship DON’T do it, it’s fake aliens, especially if they want to take you to Mars. Mars is a war planet.

You don’t need to be saved most likely you have ‘alien’dna 🧬 .

Living in the movie…manifestation

In the image above is Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland from the famous movie scene Highlander. Yeah that place is kind a magic.

When I was teenager my favourite TV series was Highlander, I wasn’t fan of TV although watched Highlander. The series were sort of, like a window to different world and a hope that magic exists. Even for that hour ordinary world stopped exist and you transported into supernatural space, reality.

For me immortality subject was interesting since I was a kid. Aging, disease and death seemed very unnatural. In this day and age even scientists say that ageing is a disease.

Back in a day when Highlander movie and series were released, immortality was only a fiction subject. Now time came when scientists talk about it. Although I wouldn’t take their immortality pill because they are very famous for their Frankenstein experiments.

So back to the movie, last few years were definitely like a movie, it seemed like world stoped there were no tourists anywhere. During spare time I have visited a lot of sacred places in UK and Ireland it was very interesting experience when there are no people in those places. It was so still and magical, wild animals come out from everywhere and yes extraterrestrials also, nobody bothers them. Nature definitely flourished.

Quite few times the scenery around looked like movie I was thinking is it real although what is real? One time in Highlands there was so much snow, so the road was closed, me and my friend left the car and walked in the highlands there were so many deers, white hares, white owls and other birds and animals and no people. The cold and the snow gave this crisp and clean feeling no human aura, it was so clean energetically, you could see light particles play in the air. Snow sparkles and air seemed sparkling.

And when you back to the city it’s different kind of movie you can sense human fears and how quickly they manifest. Since about 2014 manifestation become very quick and what happens now people who haven’t faced their fears, they start seeing it in physical world.

Also it could be karma from long time ago, even from Atlantean times came into being.

Realities are so drastically different it seems like some people experience apocalyptic events and others have amazing experiences. It’s like in Atlantean times there were people who escaped cataclysm and there were those who caused the cataclysmic…

I don’t want to get into who was good and who was bad although people who made mistakes, hopefully they learned a lesson…because people on this planet tend to run in this self created loop, like movie ground hogs day. Humans should get it right on day, hopefully soon.

Back to my life movie, I live in Scotland, seen a lot of places were they make movies, even met an actor from Highlander series, had an experience how to wield a sword,wrote a book about immortality… I guess Highlander was one of my childhood templates how to make own movie and it’s a kind of magic, like words from famous Queen song…it’s kind of magic…

My new found hobby is stones and I had to mention here, Macleod (Macleod was hero in Highlander series) stone that I seen in isle of Harris and the view around it, definitely movie worthy place isles of Harris and Lewis, the beaches and wild Atlantic…Atlantean times…

New times and new movies must be awesome and wonderful…

Biggest human additions

Humans on planet earth seem quite addictive creatures. The most common addictions like:

Food addiction, humans seem to consume way too much food, they eat too much, a lot of what they eat we can’t even call food, if you can eat it, this doesn’t mean it’s fuel for the human body, it is just a product that is sold and the consequences of that. No one is liable…

Humans were designed eat very little and not every day. Although food in our day has little or no nutrients…maybe that explains addiction…like hungry ghost trying to fill their hunger and never get satisfied. Yeah,humans seem very unsatisfied…

Other addiction is alcohol, this particular one is portal opener…and entities feed on those people. Entities and ghost live life through them. Junk food may cause entity attachments, just like in movie Branded.

There are other addictions like gambling, shopping…

Coo-dependent relationships with people, is a big one, and humans call it love…it is just an addiction…

All the above are well know addictions although behind all of it could be bigger addiction, it’s addiction of suffering. Most religions in this world promote suffering. It seems religions built their shops in market place and they sell suffering as virtue and meaning off life, unfortunately…

That’s why people find it hard to find meaning in life because someone or something gave the meaning for them. If you suffer your life is meaningful, if someone says they don’t suffer then it is a crime. How dare you to not suffer?!

Drama and suffering is heavily advertised in media outlets, and if the movie is about someone miserable it is considered ’valuable’. If there is no suffering or /and drama it has no value, people think it is boring if story lacks in drama and suffering. Peoples imagination is not trained for ,the drama/ suffering free storyline.

Why people so addicted to low states of mind like suffering?
Because something sold them those ideas, meanings and some creatures live lives through humans, humans are very creative beings and are very important in existential experience. That is why other beings try to use humans and human creativity. Humans take ideas and desires from harmful sources… this has to change…it is changing…

Humans also think that problems could be solved by taking a ’magic’ pill, even in movie Matrix you have to take pill… What if you won’t take a pill? And just like Alice in wonderland you have to consume something to become bigger or smaller…

The moment someone tells you have only two choices…really?! What if there are more.

Humans haven’t even started accessing their true potential.

5 D it is still a limitation, this planet can be up to 7th dimension. Buddhist talk about 12 dimensions.

Soon establishment might offer immortality pill, don’t be fooled most likely it’s some kind of their frankensteinian experiments.

Organic people win, organic immortality.

Humans have so many desires, ideas, thoughts… where all of this come from? Most of it comes from matrix and unseen sources, entities. When people try to meditate and they can’t stop thought process, it is good to know most of those thoughts are not yours, especially if you live in the city 🌆.

People are overfill with thoughts, desires…they over consume things,food, alcohol…and the keep popping pills 💊…cup is overfilled…It is an image of overfilled car tank and one smallest spark may cause explosion 💥!

It’s time to empty the cup, spend time in nature, fast for a day…
Can you hear silence?

You know who you are?

Get to know yourself… it is so interesting…it is a process…

Actions you can take, meditation, spend time in nature, walking. You don’t need props and attributes, silence is best adviser…

La Palma human fears & prophecy solutions

Humans are interesting creatures they are afraid of so many things and most of those fears are irrational.

The biggest human fears are:

Fear of death which manifested at his biggest last few years, strangely enough when I take out one tarot card for the year, for few years it was death card. Most humans didn’t face it and it started manifesting in physical realm.

Another big fear is fear of unknown. Although it could be not exactly fear but what people think they know about the unknown. Human beings think that they know everything. Unknown is always bigger what humans know…

Third fear would be fear of light, funny enough people talk a lot about love and light. Only few years ago I realised that people don’t know how to enjoy, they don’t know what love is… quite few live and dead people said to me, they lived life and they didn’t realise what love is…

Another quiet scary thing when people talk a lot about love and light they are possessed by dark entity, sad and scary.

Few times I was talking to people about Nirvana experience and strangely enough that puts panic in their face.

Fourth fear would be fear of self expression, people afraid to express themselves because for long time they where prohibited to do so. Educational systems suppress people, constant peer pressure and after certain number of years person becomes tame pet. This might explode one day… you can suppress things just for so long…

Lockdown pushed people even further… now there is nowhere to run people had to face the fears otherwise fears manifest in physical reality.

Since year 2014 manifestation process become very quick. So you have to be aware what you wish for and what are your fears.

Now, the volcano it sort of manifestation of human subconscious. As Carl Jung said “Until you make unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. “

Few years ago I seen these worm creatures they were very big and they were planing to play with elementals and cause chaos on this planet. The sad thing about it was nobody could stop them…maybe someone will…

So taking into consideration human fears, maybe certain humans want those bad incidents to happen, events apocalypse like. Maybe that’s why bad beings couldn’t be stopped…Now we see these crazy weather events and volcanos becoming active. More volcanos became active not just the one in La Palma.

Early this year I was making youtube video prophecy and I was holding this tarot card which was with active volcano and stormy sea. Also I was sitting in front of a place which use to be a volcano and the see became stormy. That view and card was as a prophecy it self.


Link to a video above.

So what would be a solution?

One if humans could face the fears do the shadow work.

Two express themselves; move move the body walk, swim…best one I think is dance. Let your body express itself, put on the music you like switch off the lights and let the body move. Don’t be ashamed of your body, let it move let it express, in your room nobody sees you, you are the DJ and superstar, don’t judge yourself, don’t judge your judgement, express be alive….

If you can sing sing, learn high vibrational singing then it’s healing, high vibrational sound heals…

If you can put yourself into balance it effects surroundings and nature, even weather…

Other interesting thing about La Palma that area was know as Nazi hide out, so maybe they were doing their experiments in the area…Also there could be some kind of technologies hidden… maybe earth decided to destroy things that shouldn’t be there.

To end on a good note nobody was killed by elementals, even stray dogs were saved.

Magical Water and Manifestation

So from most basic science classes we know three states of water like solid ice, liquid water and vapor of course! Although now scientists know there is fourth state of water which is plasma.

Wonder if scientists really understand the fourth state? And what water really is…

The photo you see above is me in the waves of Northern Sea and in the background there is a rainbow, maybe not very visible although it is there, water covered it.

This reality we live in is made of light and sound it is a hologram, computer game.

It starts manifesting at light pixel level from the void or no thingness then pixels start to form into a shape it is similar to photo. When you zoom in the photo you see pixels before zoom you not even aware of pixels.

Try and do an experiment when it is daylight and stare into empty space you will see light pixels playing in the air.

I’m sure everyone see pixels they are clear like droplets of water and you can’t fix your gaze on one because they constantly move.

In night time you may see them having colours.

Light pixels turn into structures that seem more solid it’s like auras and then they become mater.

Water is interesting element because our physical body is about 70% water.

Water gets effected by vibrations for example music how high vibrational music create nice structures in water and destructive sounds create chaotic structures. As if structure is chaotic or harmonic. Like an instrument if it is out of tune, it creates chaotic noises and when in tune creates music.

Human body if it is in tune it’s a wonderful instrument if not it creates diseases and death. Although it should be immortal because cells renew all the time. So if you have ill organ( notice the name it’s like an instrument) when cells renew all the time, organ should become healthy… although something makes ill cells? What makes those ill cells? Maybe sound, programs…

Now back to my water experience, that day was wonderful the water world was at it’s best fishes, water birds, amazing gannets… also I could see little rainbows in the waves also bigger rainbow appeared in the sky even though it was no rain.

Interesting how rainbow manifest sometimes you have perfect conditions for rainbow to appear although it doesn’t and sometimes it appears even in night sky.

Rainbow as light, manifestation starts at this point… sometimes when you look at the sky and gaze you see unmanifest rainbows.

The purest form of water, morning dew condensed atmospheric water, it seems it manifests out of nowhere. Even in summer time and there was no rain for a long time it appears every morning.

I have visited few sacred wells over my life some have water running even there was no no rain for long time, also streem doesn’t slow down. The water from well seems silky and live not like the one from tap.

It has been noticed UFO like to appear near body’s of water or from the body’s of water.

Famous UFO base in Baltic Sea. I wrote short article about it. Egle snake queen The link to article.

Is …ona real & the split in reality

Observing situation in this world seems people thought they were thinking they were immortal. Then suddenly when…Ona appeared and people realised they are mortal and …Ona is the only thing that may kill them.
Some people started believing that that only thing will save them from death is black magic needle craft. The injection will save them from every problem in life. It seems people think they would take insurance and needle black magic and then become immortal and invincible…

So I had few seeing’s about this…Ona thing, the name shall not be named, apparently…Ona is in old creature, it is water borne, NOT bat 🦇 born. It is not lab made, someone released the ‘kraken’ for certain reasons only know for prime creator.
For some people it is very real and it may end their physical existence hopefully they get their resolutions in after life.

The images above are oracle cards I did card reading on …Ona thing to ask what it is and it confirmed my seeings, the cards show that it comes from prime creator also you see spider web and snail which is lockdowns and slowing of life. It seems like this thing forced people to face their fears and shadow for them life was scary.
Although some people started using a phrase that…Ovid is a gift that keeps on giving, the third card symbolises that, new life, new experiences, a lot of people had very magical spiritual experiences. Probably that …Ovid is a thing that separates realities.
Reality started separating before 2012, spiritual people where waiting for changes in physical world because the year 2013 came and it was the year that didn’t exist and nothing happened. Now year 2021 year came and it is very visible what happened in energetic realm before 2012. And there was this meme in internet saying that Mayans were dislexic 2012 and 2021.

It so interesting cards also show creature coming from a water and the…Ona is water borne. Also a card shows black magic needle craft, interesting.

So what is going to resolve the situation, time…The cards also confirmed this, time is written on the cards.

The cards are Oracle of Shadows by Arabo Sargesjan