Personified Divinity Messiah Game


Are you having a dilemma what is Divinity?

Does it have a form? Is it formless?

May God become a man?

Do you want to be saved?

Are you being a saviour yourself and play the Messiah game?

Sometimes you feel that there is no help and you fall into despair and helplessness moments and it seems soo dark. The other times you try to save everyone even those who don’t want to be saved, or maybe you will build the whole universe so you may save others.

So, is there any help for the human?

Yes, there is although will you be able to see and recognise the help?

Are you aware and conscious enough to see and hear the Divine?

Divine usually speaks very quietly and it shows itself in many forms, it doesn’t like repetition. Well, it is formless although it takes form. What kind of form? All forms and no form. You may say if God created everything than who created the Devil? You may say the Devil is a Gods beast, the beast which is on the leash and it is allowed to do only the certain amount of havoc. The Devil also may take many shapes and forms it may take God like forms as well, only it spreads suffering, misery, lack, chaos, destruction although it may come in very glamorous form you may think it is good.

‘We can accept God becoming Man to save Man, but not Man becoming God to save himself.’ Vernon Linwood Howard

A lot of humans on this planet want their personal messiah, so somebody would hear them, listen to them, care for them. Hero who would save them from them selves, a hero who would bring salvation. Religions always promise salvation and they say that golden age was in the past and you have to wait for the messiah who will save you in the future. Politicians promise you the great tomorrow , yeah they may give you some treats. The great demagogues always play with your emotions and say that something good was in the past or will happen in the future and they will put this hero in front of the people, so it could be worshipped, like the sun in the morning and it may look bright and significant also it blinds others. People personify Divinity, so they may place their focus somewhere, somewhere positive, just to manage their focus.It is neither good nor bad to have personified Divinity in your life, only at some point you have to drop it or leave  it. At some point you have to leave your guru and become independent. Guru is only a guide it can’t do things for you. Guru may give map and tools although you have to do it on your own. Guru is not there to deliver you hopium, when you are in need of an instant gratification. Guru is not a drug dealer on a speed dial. Guru in Sanskrit is the one who disperses the darkness although don’t forget that light burns and light blinds also it shows all the mess, if you switch on the light in the messy room.

Majority of people on this planet don’t know how to be free, freedom is not very popular thing on the planet and not many know what freedom is, some say you have to pay rather high price on this planet, so you may be free, on the bright side it is doable. there are those who did it and are doing it…

Maybe you are on the other side, maybe you play messiah game.Saviour personality who tries to save others, a motivation to this might be, saving himself/herself from self although there must be ‘I’ and ‘other’ and if there is no ‘I’ and ‘other’, who is to be saved?

Sometimes saviour wants to be saved he/she expects that somebody will come and save him/her. They may dream that something magical will come in to their life take control and take care of them, also will give the meaning or an aim why live? Saving others might be a meaning of life. Saving others might be selfish action. Why? Because light beings don’t like watch others suffer it is very unpleasant and if you are an empath  you feel others pain and if you are not demonic being you don’t like that unnecessary pain and suffering.

What is the meaning? Life is hard without meaning.

Sometimes you want to fall into somebodies arms and want to be held. It is like falling into arms of Divinity and Divinity holds you and cuddles you. You fear loosing that Divinity that warm feeling and feeling at home. You want to go back home so so badly.

Where is the home?

You feel so disconnected without home like a homeless person cold, lost, uncertain just wandering in the middle of eternity searching for something that was lost. The search was long and you are tired, so when you are going to get home?

You need that anchor that meaning, aim, so you personify that Divinity, so who is Divinity in your life who is the guru? Question is who isn’t your guru or divinity, including yourself? Every being you have met on your path is part of divinity and yes including dark beings although most likely when you get to know them you understand that hanging around dark beings is unpleasant, so you try to avoid their presence. You may want somebody to breath in life into your being, so you would be alive, and dark beings suck a life force out of other beings. Do you know some of those dark beings or one of them is staring at you in the mirror? Like a black hole sucks life force out of you.

How much of Divinity you may experience?

How much light you may let in?

Individual soul enjoys amount of Divinity it has the capacity to receive. Light burns, it also blinds, so it is better to let in light gradually and remove inner blocks bit by bit and on the road to Divinity it is good to have a guide who already have done it. Choose your guide wisely.

Who are you going to follow a shining star or a black hole?

Or you are going to become one of them?

One day you may say I’m home…OM… That day might be NOW….

© Laura Ciciskinaite


Divine Betrayal

Divine Betrayal 2

Perfect boy who was a master artist he created art, the art was magnificent. Boy created art for his master, boy didn’t know but he was a slave, he served evil master. Evil master gave him watch, very expensive watch, boy was very proud of the watch, the watch was status symbol, he was very proud that he earned the status. Watch was made of gold and encrusted with precious jewels, everybody noticed the watch and saw boy as special and important because he had the watch. Boy was very proud, his ego grew by a minute. The boy thought he is invincible he played the domination and control game, he also  liked abuse of power game, he loved the sense of superiority and he looked down on others as if others were inferior. Boy worshiped his master and he thought that slave master was everything in his life. All of his life force, energy and time he invested in creating art for his enslaver. The slave master was a God and daddy figure for the boy. Boy wanted to please his master and he did everything to climb up the ladder of success. The evil master invented ladder of success, so he could use boys creativity to create world for himself.

Boy use to love a girl, their love was so innocent and pure although one day boy decided that girl is an obstacle, the only think that he wanted to do is to serve the slave master and make art for him, that became his whole life, creating for the slave master. Boy decided to banish the girl from his life, he thought that she was an obstacle, an obstacle for his creation. He betrayed her and sold her to other boys so  they could do anything they liked with the girl. Abandonment and betrayal as bad as they were in it self, for the boy it wasn’t enough, he decided to humiliate the girl and make her suffer…Evil stole his heart and clouded his mind, he couldn’t see clearly  he was a master artist, creator for the evil slave master.

The girl endured horrendous pain in the hands of other boys although she survived, she continued to live.The girl was afraid that she is going to be betrayed buy others again. She was betrayed, she also betrayed others because she thought that is the game she should play, the game of betrayal.

The worst fear was that she was betrayed by the Divine. How come boy got entrenched in materialistic world and forgot his Divine nature? How come Divine let boy betray the girl? If God created love why it created betrayal? If God created everything why it created evil? Girl was betrayed so many times and she betrayed others, she got use to pain, you may say  it was a masochistic addiction, expecting pain and betrayal. She expected pain and betrayal from every relationship, it seemed mandatory to her. Is it mandatory? Maybe there are other games? Maybe it is time to drop betrayal game because it is a bit boring to play the same game over and over again. Time to write new story and invent new games.



© Laura Ciciskinaite