This an old story about crow and a fox.Once upon a time in winter, when snowflakes were  falling out of sky, Universe sent a gift to a crow, a peace of cheese. The crow was so happy she got a peace of wonderful cheese in winter. She sat on the tree and she was about to eat its breakfast. A fox was wandering around and she smelled a cheese. The fox saw that the crow was holding a cheese in its beak. The fox came by the tree she looked at the crow and in a gentle voice she said; ‘Oh darling crow, you are so wonderful and beautiful, your eyes are so bright, your feathers are so shiny you must be sent from God, and voice of yours must sound  like angels song, please dear sing for me, I want to hear your voice.’

By hearing praise the crows head started spinning she felt high and short of breath. The crow opened its beak and said kar, she tried to sing for the fox. Of course cheese fell out of its beak. The fox grabbed the cheese and ran away.The end of story 🙂

The moral of the story don’t fall for the praise and don’t become an approval junkie. A lot of people especially on social media develop a sense of VIP when they hear a lot of praise they think that they are very important and irreplaceable. Well, everyone is replaceable and nothing is more important than anything else. Even the heroes and the monsters are replaceable…



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Joy Divine Faith

Joy Divine Faith Bird

It was cold winters morning. I went for a walk in nature. The sky was grey, usual for the winter. Suddenly I saw a little bird and stopped, just to look at a little creature. Well, it stopped and also looked at me. Actually a little bird started at me, it wasn’t afraid and it came closer, sat on a fence, next to me. I stretched my arm towards the bird, it didn’t fly away, I was nearly touching the bird. Little creature started pulling my finger, I thought it was hungry. I asked him; are you hungry? It just looked at me, with the fearless look and flew couple of meters away. The bird found really big worm and pecked a worm few times, bird didn’t eat the worm. Little creature flew back to me, stood buy my side and looked at me for quite some time. Well, I thought, the bird wasn’t hungry and it likes me. People started passing by and each time when people pass by, my little friend flies away and when people are gone, it comes back. After some time the bird flew away and ate the worm, that it found earlier. I thought that the bird is not coming back so, I went and sat on the bench. After few minutes my little friend came back, sat next to me, maybe few centimetres away from my body, the bird looked at me and started singing, this lasted for few minutes… I looked at this magnificent creature and didn’t believe that this is really happening. Wild bird just sang me a song 🙂 I walked back home in awe…When I came back home, looked at the calendar and it was 14 of February, Valentines day…Wow, that must be a coincidence 🙂

Then I googled little birds, so I could find out what kind of bird it was, looked at many photos and found out that it was robin. I also googled what is the spiritual meaning of the robin? Few meanings of the robin is joy, faith, trust…

After some time I heard one Zen story. Little bird says to a man, why can’t you trust God, Source? Look at me I trust Source and Source provides me food, shelter I am joyous and I fly and sing all day. Be more like me, be joyous.

I think my encounter with little bird was a manifestation of that short Zen story.

I know it’s not easy to trust or have faith, because we have been conditioned not to have faith and believe in lack and scarcity. When you look at lack and scarcity you can clearly see that it is artificially created and there are so many documentaries, videos and articles which prove that lack is artificial. Universe, Source, God… no matter how you want to call Thatness, it is always looking after you, it talks to you…

Are you willing to listen?

Are you willing to be still?

Are you willing to be joyous?

Are you grateful?

If you love nature, you love life, yours and others…life is divine…divine talks to you…listen…

© Laura Ciciskinaite

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