white flowers feather

This world of beginnings and endings, there is completion,

When you see the whole picture.

The sense of putting details and pieces together.

Enjoying the process of creation,

The small details take attention for so long,

You get impatient, when it is going too end?

What it is going to be?

How it is going to look?

In Zen there are no beginnings and no ends,

Only continuity and change…

There is plateau and the ocean,

The island in the ocean and there are many islands and continents,

All this is one, everything and nothing…

You climb the mountain top,

When on the top you see,

There are the lakes and valleys and oceans and other mountains,

Maybe you climbed to see what is out there?

To see a bigger picture and the picture gets bigger and bigger,

Until it’s boundless…

© laura ciciskinaite



…spring in winter season…

spring bloom winter

…when you wake up and Christmas song is in your mind and it drives you crazy,

the Christmas market and the people selling things,

the Christmas lights, the wonderful distraction,

when you know the inner lights much more enchanting…

the lights that change, and people celebrate Christmas the same…

it goes round and round…

the winters weather freezes the body,

Arctic winds, kisses the cheeks,

the frost that decorates morning grass and fallen leaves,

white innocent painter,

it’s cold outside, it’s cold outside,

although ignore the cold,

it feels like spring,

it’s warm inside,

the inner light shines, just like the sun,the inner sun,

the plethora of colours,

it generates the heat,

the flowers bloom even though it’s winter,

it feels like spring and seems the winter is long gone,

what is hot?

what is cold?

just a sensation…

may change the sensation…

the cold becomes the friend and even pleasant,

maybe even a guru…

which reality is more real inner or outer?

which one is a dream?

what is a dream?

if it is experience it is real…physical or not…

maybe it’s not the winter on Lucia day…

the light is back…

and feeling is like kite that is flying high…

and if nobody is holding rope…

where is the limit?

who sets the limit?

you set the limit…

© laura ciciskinaite



…zen poshness…


…it wears the gown, the black gown,

he wears the black feathery tuxedo,

she wears feathery little black dress,

are they the best oculists?

they are the invisible ones…

they dine in luxurious gazillion star restaurant,

the food is soo organic and it’s fresh,

the berries just picked from the trees…

the beings who see others and avoid the others,

they all look the same although they are different,

they seem so ordinary…

although their life is extraordinary…

what is their name?

da crow it’s majesty da crow…

da crispiness and zenness of da crows life…

less words it’s better, just leave the experience crisp…

© laura ciciskinaite




the snowflakes in the night,

so, elegant and pure…

graceful expression of existence,

expression of lightness, weightlessness,

tiny white feathers…

the luxury of watching the display,

the show that is sent from the divinity

divine is dancing, creating show

it’s zen

could it be more zen than this?

lets watch the show!

lets dance with it!

the words would taint experience,

so, words, no more…

© laura ciciskinaite

Zen Silence

Swan Garnys

Beingness embraces silence,

Movement stops…stillness,

Beingness listens to silence what it has to say…

Gaps between words,

Gaps between thoughts,

Gaps between sounds,

0 and 1 is creation,

Notes and gaps make a symphony…

Beingness truly learns, when it learns read the gaps.

Silence teaches much,

The source is silent although it creates sound

That rise and fall, the waves of sound and stillness of the silence.

Breath in and out…and so it is,

Embrace the silence, ignore the words

Return to inner core bring back the balance,

…no words left to say…

Enjoy the silence!!!!!!!!!


©Laura Ciciskinaite

Zen Market Place

Zen Martket Place Photo

So, we meet again where everything started,

The place where buying and selling is done.

Time in the cave, miss the cave, it was so comfortable.

Nobody was lying, no stupid movies, no drama to watch.

It was quiet.

Now the noise of the market.

What are we selling?

The Enlightenment, Oneness, Noneness, Thatness, Nameless

Although it may have a name.

How will we package it?

Who is going to buy it?

Who is selling?

What is the price tag?

There is no drama to watch…

Buy the way who is watching?

Who is the observer?

Where the I and the Other are gone?

Who is experiencing?

Experiencing what?


© Laura Ciciskinaite



Faith Freedom Gulbe

This world is endless maze there are so many of those who try to catch your attention or try to sell you something; a thing or a lifestyle…Do you buy everything that is on offer?What do you buy? Why do you buy it?

So, when I have googled freedom, first thing that came up was makeup brand…well you could say makeup would give you freedom, I wonder how exactly makeup gives you freedom. So, draw your face and you will become free?

There are many of those who are going to sell you lifestyle, that supposedly will give you freedom. You can choose a lifestyle, there are many choices out there or you can create your own lifestyle or brand.

Yes, you can buy into ‘Sex and the City’ lifestyle but if you are going to sleep with whole pond of frogs will you find prince charming and who said that prince is going to be loving, caring…,well charming they said, he is going to be, just charming and charming he is, nothing more, nothing less.Well, you might meet princes Rose and she will turn into evil witch…oh, those deceiving appearances. You were looking for soul mate but you found a cell mate…Who sold you idea of DA ONLY ONE soul mate? How do you know that it is true?

You can buy into ‘Family Guy’ lifestyle. They even have joke about average family in the USA,husband and wife, two and a half kids and golden retriever. You can choose life/family model were ‘daddy is rich and mama is good looking’.

You can buy into exercise freak lifestyle and yes exercise may become an addiction, it is not worst addiction, but still.

Few years ago people use to have an idea how business person should look like, straight male in his 40’s wearing a suit and a tie, there are still people who believe this idea. I heard this story when 19 year old businessman wearing t shirt and  sneakers went to the bank and in the bank there was this note business clients don’t need to queue, so he approached bank person without the queue, of course he was told off, when he said that he is a business client. When bank person realised that young guy was really  business client, that was a bit of a shock. People still have stereotypes and label people. People have an idea how business person should look like.

Some people say that there are people who buy into gay lifestyle, even if they are not gay, they just choose a lifestyle because it is trendy or they want to fit in, into industry they work in for example fashion industry or show business.

Being ‘spiritual’ it is also a trend, a lifestyle choice. If you think that you can sit in cross legged pose, you think it means you know how to meditate, cross legged position is not indicator of meditation. Spacing out is not meditation and daydreaming is not meditation.If you are psychic you think you are spiritual, not necessarily. Sometimes it seems non spiritual people are more spiritual than those who claim they are spiritual.

You can be a monopoly guy or a downshifter choice is there, you can choose. It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do what matters is.Why you are doing it? Does it make you more or less free? Do you want to be free? Freedom is also synonyms to word responsibility. The problem is that a lot of people on this planet still don’t know how to be their own authority, this is because they never been taught how to be free and response able. Free person is dangerous to the system  because he/she won’t obey blindly.

Be aware, system knows that you will try to escape the reality that you don’t like, so they created ‘sex, drugs, rock and roll’, basically indulging and addiction trap or you may say instant gratification. It seems a lot of generations fall the same way, overindulge in simple pleasures of life. They get sucked in the INSTANT GRATIFICATION trap, a spoiled brat mentality.

There were and there are a lot of social movements that fight for freedom a lot of the movements start with good intentions, unfortunately a lot of the movements get hijacked by dark forces and stray away from their initial motives. Be aware of fake people.

This planet is a maze enjoy while you are on it but don’t forget that it is a trap, very entertaining, but still a trap.Learn mindfulness, awareness and responsibility these words are synonymous to freedom.

If you want to regain your freedom learn mental emotional processing, also learn how to meditate, learn be mindful and aware, learn how to be in the now. I know it is difficult to learn and apply  all these things because we have been taught quite the opposite, basically how not to live our lives.People are unaware of the mental, emotional bodies.It is a common knowledge that thought create reality. Do you know where thoughts come from? Do you think all thoughts that go through your mind are yours? Why do you choose certain lifestyle model? Why do you do what you do? What is your motivation? Get to know your mind and you will be able to answer these questions.

One of the biggest fears humans have is fear of loss, afraid to loose something or someone, fear of death, loss of the physical body.You may come to a point in your life, this life or next life when you realise that you have nothing to loose because you don’t own anything or anyone, you may  borrow something but eventually you have to return it…Some say that freedom is when you have nothing left to loose.

Finally, one of my favourite Zen koans;’Be in the world but not of it’.

© Laura Ciciskinaite


Change 4 seasons

Four seasons are one of the best representation of change on this planet. You can see how things are born, grow, decay and die. Day and night is one of the representations of light and dark on this planet.This world has beginnings and endings…

Some of the heaven worlds probably don’t have night and four seasons, they live in one season world which is illuminated by few suns. Some of the worlds are just perfect perfection where there are no beginnings and no endings. Change happens in those worlds too but different type of change. In our case we have to face light and dark also four seasons. At the moment this is the world of polarity; good and bad, nice and ugly, pain and pleasure…Sometimes you have to look at things that are not pretty because if you are going to deny their existence it doesn’t mean it is going to cease to exist, you don’t fight it either, fighting may make it stronger.

Change happens constantly if you resist change it causes you pain and in a long run this may lead you to suffering. Change could be uncomfortable and people on this planet don’t like change, by living in their box life, change is challenging for them.

Letting go is hard…

Attachment is an addiction on this planet…

Drama is very addictive drug…humans please drop the drama it is so tiring!

Human beings like to hoard, because of fear of lack and loss, or the neediness and stinginess…

It is difficult to let go of people, places, things…humans are afraid of the unknown so they cling to things that no longer serve them, even if it causes suffering. It seems known suffering is better than, unknown even if there is ‘a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’.

For humans on this planet unknown is so scary because they have been traumatized so many times in this and previous lives. Mass media sells you fear on every corner. They do this because they want you to believe in fear and create reality for them. The solution is to switch of the TV and main stream media, oh lame stream media. After doing that you will gain a lot.

Being in a limbo state it is so hard when you don’t see a future. When things haven’t ended yet and things haven’t began yet. Mind can get caught in fear and fear clouds your mind even more.

So, how do you go smoothly through change learn mental, emotional processing, meditate, spend time in nature, be in silence, still your mind…Don’t be afraid spending time on your own, alone doesn’t mean lonely, well at least you can do what you want, nobody stops you. When you are alone you can get to know your self, you don’t have to cope with other peoples projections.

When you are still answer will come and change is going to be a natural process, can’t promise it is going to be painless…,well you could say change will push you out of your comfort zone and it doesn’t turn into suffering.

If you have nervous breakdowns during change, using alcohol, or any other addictive substances it is a bad idea because it clouds your mind even more and you can’t see clearly.

‘The only thing that is constant is change.’ Heraclitus

© Laura Ciciskinaite

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Zen Coffee

Zen Coffee

Every moment is unwritten story…in this case it is going to be a written story 🙂

For me making a coffee is a sacred ceremony, similar to Japanese tea ceremony. Coffee making is a special time. I like buying new coffee cups that are unique, it is sort of  fetish for coffee cups 🙂 Coffee tastes different in each cup, best cups are small and thin made of china, big cups kind of not suitable for coffee, ruins the taste of coffee. I heat the cup with hot water after few seconds spill out hot water then put coffee in the cup and then pour hot water over coffee, leave it for about 5 minutes to brew and only then stir. I don’t use any filters or machines for coffee making it ruins the taste of coffee. Instant coffee is a no no that is not real coffee, anything that is processed heavily is dead. It is very important what water you use for coffee it is best to use pure water filtered or distilled because tap water contains chemicals. In general it is better drink water that doesn’t contain fluoride you probably already know about the bad effects of fluoride, if you don’t you can just google fluoride bad effects, you get nearly half a million results.

To drink clean water is very important for your body because you body is about 70% of water, basically your body is mostly water. It is good idea to bless water before you drink it. As Dr Emoto proved how words, images, music effects water. So it is better to charge your water with positive vibes before you drink any drink water, coffee or tea. Surround drink with your hands and send love, gratitude and good vibes to a drink. Drink slowly and enjoy the taste.

When you drink water, tea or coffee after few seconds that water becomes you. Drink it with awareness, be aware , enjoy the moment. Enjoy the moment in the eternity, you are the eternity enjoying the moment.

‘Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.
Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.’ Bruce Lee

© Laura Ciciskinaite

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Joy Divine Faith

Joy Divine Faith Bird

It was cold winters morning. I went for a walk in nature. The sky was grey, usual for the winter. Suddenly I saw a little bird and stopped, just to look at a little creature. Well, it stopped and also looked at me. Actually a little bird started at me, it wasn’t afraid and it came closer, sat on a fence, next to me. I stretched my arm towards the bird, it didn’t fly away, I was nearly touching the bird. Little creature started pulling my finger, I thought it was hungry. I asked him; are you hungry? It just looked at me, with the fearless look and flew couple of meters away. The bird found really big worm and pecked a worm few times, bird didn’t eat the worm. Little creature flew back to me, stood buy my side and looked at me for quite some time. Well, I thought, the bird wasn’t hungry and it likes me. People started passing by and each time when people pass by, my little friend flies away and when people are gone, it comes back. After some time the bird flew away and ate the worm, that it found earlier. I thought that the bird is not coming back so, I went and sat on the bench. After few minutes my little friend came back, sat next to me, maybe few centimetres away from my body, the bird looked at me and started singing, this lasted for few minutes… I looked at this magnificent creature and didn’t believe that this is really happening. Wild bird just sang me a song 🙂 I walked back home in awe…When I came back home, looked at the calendar and it was 14 of February, Valentines day…Wow, that must be a coincidence 🙂

Then I googled little birds, so I could find out what kind of bird it was, looked at many photos and found out that it was robin. I also googled what is the spiritual meaning of the robin? Few meanings of the robin is joy, faith, trust…

After some time I heard one Zen story. Little bird says to a man, why can’t you trust God, Source? Look at me I trust Source and Source provides me food, shelter I am joyous and I fly and sing all day. Be more like me, be joyous.

I think my encounter with little bird was a manifestation of that short Zen story.

I know it’s not easy to trust or have faith, because we have been conditioned not to have faith and believe in lack and scarcity. When you look at lack and scarcity you can clearly see that it is artificially created and there are so many documentaries, videos and articles which prove that lack is artificial. Universe, Source, God… no matter how you want to call Thatness, it is always looking after you, it talks to you…

Are you willing to listen?

Are you willing to be still?

Are you willing to be joyous?

Are you grateful?

If you love nature, you love life, yours and others…life is divine…divine talks to you…listen…

© Laura Ciciskinaite

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