…spring in winter season…

spring bloom winter

…when you wake up and Christmas song is in your mind and it drives you crazy,

the Christmas market and the people selling things,

the Christmas lights, the wonderful distraction,

when you know the inner lights much more enchanting…

the lights that change, and people celebrate Christmas the same…

it goes round and round…

the winters weather freezes the body,

Arctic winds, kisses the cheeks,

the frost that decorates morning grass and fallen leaves,

white innocent painter,

it’s cold outside, it’s cold outside,

although ignore the cold,

it feels like spring,

it’s warm inside,

the inner light shines, just like the sun,the inner sun,

the plethora of colours,

it generates the heat,

the flowers bloom even though it’s winter,

it feels like spring and seems the winter is long gone,

what is hot?

what is cold?

just a sensation…

may change the sensation…

the cold becomes the friend and even pleasant,

maybe even a guru…

which reality is more real inner or outer?

which one is a dream?

what is a dream?

if it is experience it is real…physical or not…

maybe it’s not the winter on Lucia day…

the light is back…

and feeling is like kite that is flying high…

and if nobody is holding rope…

where is the limit?

who sets the limit?

you set the limit…

© laura ciciskinaite




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