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Time, you may say, is the only thing that you have in this reality. One of the biggest fears in humans, is lack of time. If you are a mystic you know how to slow down or speed up the time or maybe you live in time of no time. Wealthy people on this planet value time more than money and yes the other big fear in humans is lack of money. So, it is one of these fears that are more predominant, lack of time or lack of money.

You may say the bum on the street has all the time although he is lacking money and the guy who works for the corporation and is a CEO has money although he lacks time. So, who is having better life? Of course those situations are two extreme opposites.

Have you ever asked yourself a question, who owns your time?

How much your time is worth?

Some people think that the more time they save the more they will have although quite the opposite is true, the more time you save the less you have.

This world makes you rush all the time, time is money, these two things are soo entangled. How do you free yourself from this bondage?

When you feel constant anxiety, stop for a moment breath in and look around you, feel the air going in and out of your lungs, see the beauty of the surrounding world, even if it is the city, there must be beauty in the city too, maybe you will see a bird flying by, maybe it is a beautiful dress, maybe a dog running by.

Do you see the constant flow and change of the life?

You just stand there and observe things…

It is peculiar that a tortoise in Zen stories is a master, we think how can this slow creature be a master, it is soo slow? Is it slow? There is this saying in England ‘slowly but surely’. Aristocrats don’t rush, they do things rather slowly. If you rush you want to be more productive, well that usually means mechanical.

It seem that people who don’t rush they, some how, seem flowing, go with the flow, of course with the right kind of flow, and doesn’t mean that they are apathetic or lazy. Is this some kind of magic?

So, what do you do when you just getup , first thing in the morning?

Have you observed?

It is very important how you spend first 20 min of your day, it effects how the rest of the day is going to unfold. Spend first 20 min of your day not rushing what ever you do don’t rush, of course don’t get obsessed or paranoid about that. Meditate drink water or tea, you may make it a small ritual. Make your time magical!


Moment masterpiece

Flower Fierworks
Every moment is art. Every moment of your life is art. Creation happens every moment of your life…right now…it happens.When you read this post these words…

You express yourself you read, I write…

The next moment you will go and do something else…you are choosing what you are going to do…free will in self expression…

How do you feel when you do something? Do you ask yourself this question?

They say its not what you do, but who you are…What are you this moment? How do you feel?What defines you?Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Right now when I write to dogs play in the park…They are so different physically and energetically…One is so happy playing, he seems sooo innocent, the other one seems very unstable something is bothering him, he is angry…the second dog probably was adopted and previous owners abused him, he seems ‘broken’. He gets attention by doing something bad. The first dog is Labrador and the second seems like Rottweiler cross, probably bred for fighting. Labradors suppose to be good and Rottweilers suppose to be bad, isn’t it ironic?Two dogs have the same owner.

The third dog walks in the park and Labrador approaches him. Of course, Labrador is so nice and friendly, and innocent to a third dog and they about to play…Rottweiler approaches the scene and he is aggressive, he wants to do something bad, probably attack third dog. The owner was fast enough to stop it. If that Rottweiler would be human, psychotherapy, emotional processing, shadow work would be a good advice…

Next day I was walking in the park and noticed lots of feathers scattered around, not far away there was a dead pigeon. Most likely the dog killed it, because there are no wild predators in that park. You could still feel terror, aggression and destruction in that place.

Some beings create joy, happiness and others create terror, anger aggression. States of mind that you create, you live in them. If you intentionally create misery for others you live in that state of mind. Why? Because you put a lot of focus on that state of mind, where your focus goes your energy flows. If you intentionally create joy for others you create joy for yourself, because you focus on joy. That’s why the best revenge is joy.

I was observing other creatures in the park there were many birds enjoying their day.

A baby seagull was resting, a squirrel was enjoying an acorn.DSC_0824DSC_0983

You create your own reality and reality creates you all the time. You do this consciously or unconsciously. The best way to create is be conscious and aware what you create and with who you create.

I found this quote somewhere.’Art is how we decorate space. Music is how we decorate time.’ Unknown

The picture at the top called flower fireworks. I didn’t draw since school but one day I took pencils and couldn’t stop…

© Laura Ciciskinaite

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