Living in the movie…manifestation

In the image above is Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland from the famous movie scene Highlander. Yeah that place is kind a magic.

When I was teenager my favourite TV series was Highlander, I wasn’t fan of TV although watched Highlander. The series were sort of, like a window to different world and a hope that magic exists. Even for that hour ordinary world stopped exist and you transported into supernatural space, reality.

For me immortality subject was interesting since I was a kid. Aging, disease and death seemed very unnatural. In this day and age even scientists say that ageing is a disease.

Back in a day when Highlander movie and series were released, immortality was only a fiction subject. Now time came when scientists talk about it. Although I wouldn’t take their immortality pill because they are very famous for their Frankenstein experiments.

So back to the movie, last few years were definitely like a movie, it seemed like world stoped there were no tourists anywhere. During spare time I have visited a lot of sacred places in UK and Ireland it was very interesting experience when there are no people in those places. It was so still and magical, wild animals come out from everywhere and yes extraterrestrials also, nobody bothers them. Nature definitely flourished.

Quite few times the scenery around looked like movie I was thinking is it real although what is real? One time in Highlands there was so much snow, so the road was closed, me and my friend left the car and walked in the highlands there were so many deers, white hares, white owls and other birds and animals and no people. The cold and the snow gave this crisp and clean feeling no human aura, it was so clean energetically, you could see light particles play in the air. Snow sparkles and air seemed sparkling.

And when you back to the city it’s different kind of movie you can sense human fears and how quickly they manifest. Since about 2014 manifestation become very quick and what happens now people who haven’t faced their fears, they start seeing it in physical world.

Also it could be karma from long time ago, even from Atlantean times came into being.

Realities are so drastically different it seems like some people experience apocalyptic events and others have amazing experiences. It’s like in Atlantean times there were people who escaped cataclysm and there were those who caused the cataclysmic…

I don’t want to get into who was good and who was bad although people who made mistakes, hopefully they learned a lesson…because people on this planet tend to run in this self created loop, like movie ground hogs day. Humans should get it right on day, hopefully soon.

Back to my life movie, I live in Scotland, seen a lot of places were they make movies, even met an actor from Highlander series, had an experience how to wield a sword,wrote a book about immortality… I guess Highlander was one of my childhood templates how to make own movie and it’s a kind of magic, like words from famous Queen song…it’s kind of magic…

My new found hobby is stones and I had to mention here, Macleod (Macleod was hero in Highlander series) stone that I seen in isle of Harris and the view around it, definitely movie worthy place isles of Harris and Lewis, the beaches and wild Atlantic…Atlantean times…

New times and new movies must be awesome and wonderful…


Da purple book, being seen

indraOnce upon a time in a country far far away, in a time and space quite different…in the place that use to be called Soviet Union, the time that is history now…

The girl lived in that space and time, she was ordinary or maybe extraordinary girl…she was the girl who told stories, and she was one of those kinds that tell stories to grandma 👵 and grandma would fall asleep, not the other way round. She have learned to read and write at early age, she tough other kids how to read and she read and told stories to other kids that couldn’t read yet.

Like other kids she had to go to school although she didn’t like school because it had too many rules and restrictions also kids would get punished there.

One day a homework at school was to write a story or a poem.

A girl was very happy about that that’s her element, the words…

The girl was busy all weekend she wrote a poem, she wrote a story, she made a little book, she drew pictures in the book. The cover of the book was purple, she have used the nicest paper she had for the book, and in times of Soviet Union, even that was scarce. She enjoyed the process she looked at the book and it was the most perfect book, she couldn’t wait for Monday to bring her book to school.

Monday came and she went to school, she was happy then. The teacher at school asked to show the homework, a story or a poem, and the girl thought she’s going to show whole book. Girl looked at her bag and she couldn’t find a book, she left book at home. The teacher started screaming and she said many bad words, most likely teacher had a bad day. Teacher said to a girl ‘you’re  a liar’. The girl said that she can go  home and bring the book to school, it would only take few minutes. Teacher didn’t want to hear that and she decided to punish a girl and write a very bad mark.

This world is a weird place people may destroy other people’s lives just because they had a bad day and then the chain continues.

Don’t ruin someone’s day just because you had a bad day, people are not emotional bins…

Situations like that happened many times in girls life that she was blamed for things she didn’t do. People just don’t want to know and don’t want to hear, they don’t care what is true, they want to be right, indulge in self righteousness. This world seemed unfair and it was…although are you going to be like those other people, a lot of people are just the right example how not to live your life.

Because of those people girl felt this unnatural sense of guilt, like she had to say I’m sorry for breathing and sorry for existing…

That is exactly what system wants, people who constantly feel guilt, shame and blame. It  is time to say goodbye to these emotions, process and let them go. Time to brake old chain. Be the one who brakes the pattern.

After many years the new purple book was written and it explores sucbject of immortality;

Why people age?

Why people get old?

Why people die?

What human beings are capable of?

What other creatures are out there?

You can read a chapter from the book in pdf file, link below.

Chapter Black Black Night and Dragon Dance 

The link below, that’s were you may buy a book. Thank you 🙏 😊

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Chapter from the book, Indra in Search of Immortality

So, here is one chapter from my book Indra in Search of Immortality. The chapter Black Black Night and Dragon Dance.You may read it in PDF file that is down below.  Enjoy the reading!!!!!!


Chapter Black Black Night and Dragon Dance

Indra in Search of Immortality


One day I sat down and started writing, well, I wrote maybe, about few thousand words and this was an idea about the book. I wasn’t sure to write a book or not to write it. I decided to ask eternity if it is right decision, to write a book.  Asked Eternity to give me a sign, and I went to the beach. It was warm summer day, August my favourite month of the year. The sea water was warm and looked like an amber. Walking through water and suddenly I saw a crab, very unusual one, very big and one of its limbs was missing (crab limbs can grow back, relevant to subject of immortality), wow that was interesting, also there were a lot of fish in the sea, they were slipping through my feet and I nearly fell. The fish hid in the sand and I couldn’t see them. You know the round fishes that swim very fast? Do you know what they are called?

Oh, oh and I saw so many white feathers on the beach I thought I may collect them and make myself a pillow. Usually white feather is a yes answer. Then I had my doubts maybe there are always so many white feathers on the beach, after few month of observation I could tell that this wasn’t so, many days there were no feathers at all. There were other signs of course. So, I made a decision to write a book, the book Indra in Search of Immortality. By the way, after some time I was reading a book, and crab in that book symbolises, eternal life. That was very interesting coincidence. So eternity sent me right sign. When I was writing this blog post, swan passed me by, just above my head…

I have been interested in subject of immortality since, I was a teenager, not that I would like to preserve physical body forever although ageing and disease seemed so unnatural to me, so this book is a journey how you solve these problems and if you want you may find out how to keep your body for longer.

What causes disease and misery? How to avoid it?

What human beings are capable of?

When you start a book you never know how it is going to end so now it is completed. This book was very unexpected and peculiar journey.

You can buy the book on lulu site and here is the link: