Species relocation …Saint… Sventoji

The image taken in a small Lithuanian town Sventoji the most accurate translation would be Saint in English. Sventoji is a sea 🌊 side town on a coast of a Baltic Sea. In the picture you may clearly see the seagulls that’s the first thing I have noticed when I reached the town. I was walking from one sea side town Palanga to Sventoji it takes about three hours to go from one town to other. You may walk on the beach which is white sand and you may see pine woods all the way. Very quiet and pleasant walk probably see only few people on the way.

You see the seagulls, so yes back to seagulls few years back seagulls didn’t live in Lithuanian we never had them on the beaches. Suddenly they appear. I was talking to my friends about this and they noticed same thing. One friend said “so, I was hearing this loud sound as if it sounded like baby crying and then I realised it’s a seagull”, she said it was few years back.

Now seagulls live not only at seaside towns they live even in Kaunas my home town and it’s far away from sea. One morning I was drinking tea and looking through the window and I sea seagulls flying by, few years back I never saw them during my tea drinking ceremony.

Seagulls might moved in during lockdown, how they travel to Lithuanian? Oh well they decided to relocate and had a long flight 😀 Maybe sea and sky seemed more blue in Lithuania.

Back to the towns name Sventoji which means female saint from Lithuanian language. I’d like to look more into word Saint, if you look at word saint in Russian language it derives from word light svetoj from word svet which means light. Then if you look at word light in English language it could mean light as in weight not luminescent, light like feather. Also the saying heart light as feather. Maybe seagulls feather. Interesting were thoughts taken me…


Love affairs between immortals & mortals


‘Once upon a time there was this girl called Egle that lived near sea side town Palanga, she was a village girl and she had few brothers and sisters. One morning she went to bath, and when she came back the serpent was in her clothes and asked her to marry him, if she will promise this to him, then he would leave her clothes. She promised this although she didn’t think about the consequences and she forgot about the promise as soon as snake gave her clothes back. Snake didn’t forget the promise and he came back to get what he wanted. Humans tried to trick the serpent and sent him different animals although at the end he gots what he wanted, he marries Egle. Serpent takes Egle to his home which is underneath the Baltic sea…

So, come back to the story, Egle had four kids with Zilvinas, thats is the name of serpent being. They had three sons and one daughter. Egle wanted to come back to her human family, just to visit although Zilvnas didn’t allow her to do that, eventually he asked Egle to complete the ‘impossible’ tasks of which Egle completed with the help of the witch. Egle came back to see her family and when she wanted to go back to Zilvinas her brothers killed him, after that she cursed her kids and they became trees because youngest daughter betrayed her dad.’

There are more than hundred variations of the story ‘Egle grass snake queen’ in Lithuanian mythology and if you want to read the whole story you may find few versions on the web. I cut the story short just to mention the highlights of the story.

Now, my take of the story, starting from the beginning when Egle sees the snake in her clothes, was it a snake or a reptilian being, those beings are mentioned in many cultures, in Indian mythology they are called Nagas in some myth they are good in some myth they are bad although they usually portrait as wise. Even the person who ‘discovered’ yoga system  apparently was half man half snake his name was Patanjali.

Not trying to take sides here, who is good who is bad, trying to stay neutral. Some people, in spiritual community believe that all reptilians are bad…When we say word bad, well bad to who? Humans are not good too, they harm animals and each other…

In the Egle’s stroy we see that she makes the promise to reptile being and then tries to trick him, so human that makes a promise and brakes it, probably they don’t understand what is honour? And at the end her brothers kill Zilvinas even though it seems she already loved him and had four kids with him…

Also when looking at ‘kids thing’ in the story, seems they looked human not reptile, so this asks a question about the hybrid kids…kids who have ‘alien’ DNA…

Also scientist still don’t talk about the junk DNA, and in nature there is no junk, nature don’t create junk. ‘Junk’ DNA means a lot of humans may have, so cold ‘alien’ DNA, including reptilian. When human consciousness changes reptilian consciousness also changes because of the DNA connection.

Egles story tells us that Zilvinas took her to his home which was under the Baltic sea waters. Strangely enough there were quite many photos which show the structures under the Baltic sea, they call it ‘Baltic sea anomaly’, as if it looks like UFO craft.

Another famous story in Lithuanian mythology is Jurate and Kastytis this is a story of mermaid falling in love with a human fisherman. At first Jurate mermaid, wanted to punish Kastytis for disturbing the peace in the sea and then she changes her mind and she falls in love. She takes him to amber castle underneath the Baltic Sea waters. It seems that story should end happily ever after although Immortal Perkunas ( the same as Scandinavian Odin, thunder god) punishes the lovers, some stories say that Perkunas destroys the amber castle and kills Kastytis. When people find pieces of amber, on the shores of Baltic sea, people say it is the remains of the castle or the tears of Jurate because she lost Kastytis.

Both stories involve human and supernatural being and they get punished for their love because their own kind thinks ‘that sort of love’ shouldn’t be, their own kind thinks that they may decide what is best for them and they kill the ‘alien’, in first story Zilvinas killed by humans and in second story Kastytis killed by gods…

…so who is right?…who is wrong?…who is bad?…who is good?

These stories inspired many artists and the sculpture in the photo is ‘Egle Grass Snake Queen’ in Palanga town Lithuania, there is also a statue of Jurate and Kastytis also in Palanga town as two stories ‘happened’ in Palanga…

There is another story about Birute and Kestutis, which also originated in Palanga…the story for the next time…

Pink storm in da 🌃 city

23352908-825B-49C0-9FEA-B67F9ADFFB7Bpink storm, that is playing in da city,

it seems the beings play with it,and they enjoy the play,

pink petals from the trees,

the petals like some silky snowflakes, they swirl in the wind, they play,

they dance…

two herons dance, in the background of the pink sunset,

if sky is pink,tomorrow you’ll see a storm…is that a pink storm?

two ducks enjoying their date and they are going for a walk,together,

the pink storm might affected them.

the people selling flowers on a corner of the street.

the other people buy them, the pink storm has affected them.

they bought all the roses, pink of course!

the roses are for others to impress…

this is like two swans, on surface of the lake,

puffed up their white feathers,try to impress each other,

they dance swan dance…

two male pheasants, fight each other, just to impress the female…

are they all mad? or what?


it is just pink storm and it affected them all!

it’s spring, the time of storm,that it is pink…     

© laura ciciskinaite

…love is…

love is

…love is…

remove the boundaries that cover love,

dissolve the shadows that overshadow love,

see fear, see it for what it is,

say to the fear that it is NOT real,

bye bye the fear,

remove the obstacles that hide the love,

the obstacles are gone…

the love appears

embrace the knowing that you are love,

love the life giver, the sustainer of the existence,

the nourisher, the creator, the play, the art…

dissolve the fear, embrace the love,

watch life unfold, like bouquet of roses…

…love is…

…let it be…


© laura ciciskinaite

The drop of Love, Rise in Love


In the darkest hour of the bottomless abyss,

The hopeless place, without a speck of light.

The darkest darkness and no view in front of you.

The only thing that’s left , I envy the owls,

Owls can see at night.

Who argues with an owl that night is dark?

May I borrow owls vision, so I could see in the darkness?

When I would stop falling?

Where is the bottom of the abyss?

Floating in the void, no floor under the feet…

Is it true, as low as you can go as high you can rise?

When is it time to rise?

The drop of love that disperse the darkness,

The drop of love that dissolves the darkest darkness,

Even one drop is more than enough, the only one!

Love that is soo freeing,

Love and freedom goes hand in hand,

The clarity, the light, discernment, joy, faith and wisdom, it is so powerful.

It is the power, balanced and wise power.

Creative substance of the Universe.

Rise in Love!


Divine Betrayal

Divine Betrayal 2

Perfect boy who was a master artist he created art, the art was magnificent. Boy created art for his master, boy didn’t know but he was a slave, he served evil master. Evil master gave him watch, very expensive watch, boy was very proud of the watch, the watch was status symbol, he was very proud that he earned the status. Watch was made of gold and encrusted with precious jewels, everybody noticed the watch and saw boy as special and important because he had the watch. Boy was very proud, his ego grew by a minute. The boy thought he is invincible he played the domination and control game, he also  liked abuse of power game, he loved the sense of superiority and he looked down on others as if others were inferior. Boy worshiped his master and he thought that slave master was everything in his life. All of his life force, energy and time he invested in creating art for his enslaver. The slave master was a God and daddy figure for the boy. Boy wanted to please his master and he did everything to climb up the ladder of success. The evil master invented ladder of success, so he could use boys creativity to create world for himself.

Boy use to love a girl, their love was so innocent and pure although one day boy decided that girl is an obstacle, the only think that he wanted to do is to serve the slave master and make art for him, that became his whole life, creating for the slave master. Boy decided to banish the girl from his life, he thought that she was an obstacle, an obstacle for his creation. He betrayed her and sold her to other boys so  they could do anything they liked with the girl. Abandonment and betrayal as bad as they were in it self, for the boy it wasn’t enough, he decided to humiliate the girl and make her suffer…Evil stole his heart and clouded his mind, he couldn’t see clearly  he was a master artist, creator for the evil slave master.

The girl endured horrendous pain in the hands of other boys although she survived, she continued to live.The girl was afraid that she is going to be betrayed buy others again. She was betrayed, she also betrayed others because she thought that is the game she should play, the game of betrayal.

The worst fear was that she was betrayed by the Divine. How come boy got entrenched in materialistic world and forgot his Divine nature? How come Divine let boy betray the girl? If God created love why it created betrayal? If God created everything why it created evil? Girl was betrayed so many times and she betrayed others, she got use to pain, you may say  it was a masochistic addiction, expecting pain and betrayal. She expected pain and betrayal from every relationship, it seemed mandatory to her. Is it mandatory? Maybe there are other games? Maybe it is time to drop betrayal game because it is a bit boring to play the same game over and over again. Time to write new story and invent new games.



© Laura Ciciskinaite

Forbidden Feeling Love

Rose raudona

Snow queen in her ice castle, everything is frozen because of the rigid heart, love is forbidden in the kingdom, love is considered feeling of the weak commoners and those who lack in ambition. Love is a crime that is punishable by death. How can heartless queen get rid of her greatest enemy? Kill it, kill love. Snow queen believes that love made her weak, made her suffer and caused pain, the pain was unbearable, so even word love is forbidden in her kingdom. She desperately tries to run away from the pain, she thinks that she is strong, she had built huge walls around her castle, so her enemy, love couldn’t get in. She always thought that love was her enemy and she stayed behind the walls of the ice castle.

After many years of suffering she realised that enemy wasn’t love, in fact, she was lied to and she bought a lie. As they say; it is better to realise later than never. Now she knows that the only thing she was afraid of is to loose love, she was afraid to loose a feeling that was so comforting and warm and she was afraid of isolation and coldness. As ironic as it may sound, she became that which she was afraid of. She used her own will to isolate herself from love. Now she is aware that she bought a lie, she sees her enemy, she knows that enemy sold her a lie, because it can’t feel love the enemy can’t feed on love, it only feeds on fear. The enemy sold a lie to the queen that she should be afraid, very afraid she should isolate and live in her ice castle and she should fight love.

While queen lived in her ice castle she was perfect food for the enemy, although one day she shined a light on the lie and she saw it for what it was, it was a lie. The spell have been broken, warm spring came to the kingdom and ice walls started to melt, love melted ice and frost, life engulfed the castle. When the queen smells roses in her garden, that smell like apples, and drinks morning tea she invites the enemy to smell the roses. For some reason enemy seems puzzled it doesn’t understand humour and for some reason it doesn’t like the smell of roses. Some say the smell of roses is an angel and it threatens demons. Probably angels and demons don’t mix  together.

Queen is aware of the enemy she knows, the enemy wants her to be afraid, very afraid and it tries again and again to sell lies to the queen although queen says NO to an enemy. She knows the enemy well the enemy is a trickster, it likes fear because he only knows fear it doesn’t know what love is. Love is very foreign to the enemy. The enemy tries to create as much fear as it can so other snow queens and kings would be a perfect food source and it tells lies that love is bad, love hurts. The enemy is a master salesman it convinces many souls to buy fear, so they would create food and reality for the enemy.

If you think that love hurts that is a lie. Fear hurts. When fear invades your being love becomes tainted. Pure love heals and nourishes. When your heart is rigid you can’t be fluid and life force inside is frozen, you can’t move freely.

© Laura Ciciskinaite


Rose 5

So, many people are talking about love… Do they really know what love is? I’m not sure if I know what love is… This world is so entangled with fears, fear of lack, fear of loss…Fear clouds our mind…If we are constantly afraid it is very hard to see and feel love. Our huge ego, belief systems, hide love from us and sabotage the feeling of love…Our egos have so many expectations…Ego is afraid and wants to survive, ego seeks security …

So, have you been courageous enough to ask yourself a question, what love is? The answer may be, that you don’t know…Well, you are not the only one on this planet…at the moment, humans on this planet have very confusing understanding of what love is. The word love is probably the most prostituted word, humans cheapened word love, or maybe we don’t have enough words to describe the feeling, the feelings…Words are very limited form of expression, anyway…Unconditional love is synonymous to words freedom, faith, purity, responsibility, all these words are subject of it self.

Unfortunately a lot of humans on this planet understand love as having things, people, places, they want to capture everything. Why people behave like that? Because they are very afraid, there is a lot fear and useless programs in their mind.

Well, at least plants on this planet know what love is, it seems that they don’t hold negativity or maybe it is better to say that they transcend negativity, they breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen.

I know at least one story that proves plants love unconditionally 🙂 and it is a personal story.

This story is about the red rose plant. One cold winters day I went shopping and decided to buy a red rose plant. This was very weird because I never buy plants and there were no plants in my apartment. My friends who know me, really would laugh at this because plants and me doesn’t really go together. Well, this sounds like an anecdote, me buying a plant. So, I got this plant and took it back home. It was pretty red rose with many flowers.

One day flowers fell of. I thought well, this is boring, now it is just leaves. After some time plant started growing a flower and new leaves. Those little leaves were shape of little hearts, so cute 🙂 I thought that this is normal for leaves to look like mini hearts but after observing plant for some time, I have noticed that only six leaves were heart shaped the other leaves were just normal shape leaves. Those six leaves stayed on the plant nearly a year. Interesting coincidence that the flower and six heart shaped leaves grew on the plant on valentines day, oh yeah  🙂 That was a perfect gift for the valentines day, a miracle 🙂

Rose l

People on this planet associate rose with love, faith, purity, divine, spiritual unfoldment. Rose is also high vibrational plant , so angels and other higher beings can speak through the plant. Symbol of red rose is often used in many forms of art, poetry, movies, literature etc.

To be sure, an ordinary passer-by would believe that my very own rose looked just like you, but she is far more important than all of you because she is the one I have watered. And it is she that I have placed under a glass dome. And it is she that I have sheltered behind a screen. And it is for her that I have killed the caterpillars[…]. And it is she I have listened to complaining or boasting or sometimes remaining silent…”(Chapter XXI). Antoine de Saint – Exupery, Little Prince

What makes one particular plant more important than other plants, that you have taken care of it, you have nurtured it, you give attention, maybe that is love, maybe not unconditional, yet.

Well, if love is an art then it requires; the right knowledge, effort, attention, dedication.

Maybe for the most humans residing on this planet, love is only phantasmagoria, a dream…dreams tend to end, some dreams become reality…but what is real,anyway?

If you want for things to happen make them happen not just wish because otherwise it is just fantasy.

Love happens when you are unafraid. Fear is the barrier that covers love.

Want to read more? Valentines story that happened the year before 🙂