Species relocation …Saint… Sventoji

The image taken in a small Lithuanian town Sventoji the most accurate translation would be Saint in English. Sventoji is a sea 🌊 side town on a coast of a Baltic Sea. In the picture you may clearly see the seagulls that’s the first thing I have noticed when I reached the town. I was walking from one sea side town Palanga to Sventoji it takes about three hours to go from one town to other. You may walk on the beach which is white sand and you may see pine woods all the way. Very quiet and pleasant walk probably see only few people on the way.

You see the seagulls, so yes back to seagulls few years back seagulls didn’t live in Lithuanian we never had them on the beaches. Suddenly they appear. I was talking to my friends about this and they noticed same thing. One friend said “so, I was hearing this loud sound as if it sounded like baby crying and then I realised it’s a seagull”, she said it was few years back.

Now seagulls live not only at seaside towns they live even in Kaunas my home town and it’s far away from sea. One morning I was drinking tea and looking through the window and I sea seagulls flying by, few years back I never saw them during my tea drinking ceremony.

Seagulls might moved in during lockdown, how they travel to Lithuanian? Oh well they decided to relocate and had a long flight 😀 Maybe sea and sky seemed more blue in Lithuania.

Back to the towns name Sventoji which means female saint from Lithuanian language. I’d like to look more into word Saint, if you look at word saint in Russian language it derives from word light svetoj from word svet which means light. Then if you look at word light in English language it could mean light as in weight not luminescent, light like feather. Also the saying heart light as feather. Maybe seagulls feather. Interesting were thoughts taken me…


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