Solar eclipse that makes your head spin,

Sacred place is calling,

I have to answer the call,

The gust of wind takes the breath away,

Sweeps you of your feet,

The flow that carries you,

I’m just observer of the movement

It’s wonderful to feel the I.

Who is that I?

When day happens to be poetry,

I felt so high, so I may fly…

Who gave me wings?

I’ll fly…

I am flying!

I meet the angel with the wings,

Many angels say, hello,

Meditate with angels,

The bird angels,

The omen, the tattoo of an eagle,

Synchronicities, magic, signs that take you further…

The guide, the ginger cat that meets you by the door,

The ginger fluffy angel.

The day was long and overwhelming…

I fall a sleep when looking at the stars and chimney tops,

I move to other wonderland…

© laura ciciskinaite


…love is…

love is

…love is…

remove the boundaries that cover love,

dissolve the shadows that overshadow love,

see fear, see it for what it is,

say to the fear that it is NOT real,

bye bye the fear,

remove the obstacles that hide the love,

the obstacles are gone…

the love appears

embrace the knowing that you are love,

love the life giver, the sustainer of the existence,

the nourisher, the creator, the play, the art…

dissolve the fear, embrace the love,

watch life unfold, like bouquet of roses…

…love is…

…let it be…


© laura ciciskinaite

Bow down


I love snowflakes falling from the sky,

City streets covered in snow,

Starry sky, dark blue sky,

The smell of ocean and the frost, and burning coal,

May somebody synthesise perfume,

Call it ocean, frost, burning coal…

I love the sunrise, the shining crystals,

Flowers blooming on the windowsill,

They smell like spring,

The synthesis of the winter and the spring,

May have experience of all four seasons in one day,

Run through twelve months of the year,

Oooops sorry, my year has thirteen months,

The sense of Friday everyday,

Wonderful play of life, Leela Divine play,

I am grateful, bow down…

Thank you

© laura ciciskinaite

New Year Destination Love Light Joy


Darkness of the room enlightened by the candle and the moonlight,

Two lights that dance the tango,

The being overwhelmed by the feelings,

Kaleidoscope of feelings,

Feelings dance the dance,

Sad and happy…

Togetherness and loneliness,

Gratitude and emptiness,

The amplitude of human feelings,

Low and high,

Gravity and levity,

Thank you feelings!

Experiences, memories

Were they real or just fantasy,

It doesn’t matter,

Thanks for the memories!

Watching it like a movie,

Movies and short episodes,

Pass by…

People entering and exiting,

Some stay some leave,

Welcome in some, say goodbye to others,

Thanks for the memories and experiences,

Wishing you well who is leaving,

Saying hi to new experiences…

Life says,

To be continued…

New Year,

New moment,

Every moment is a New Year new you,

You enter the moment as new you…

Aim awareness, love, light, joy and beyond!

© laura ciciskinaite


Inevitable meeting

meet again

Through the worlds, through the lifetimes

We been wondering, searching and searching,

We been lost in crowds of strangers,

The crowds that felt soo foreign…

You were so far away, far away…

I wished you near by my side,

Far and near…

Why the distance?

Separation that is painful,

Too far and I wish you near,

We lost in space and time,

We try to find each other,

Playing hide and seek within existence.

How long we going to play this?

Who is running?

Who is hiding?

Who is searching?

Searching for what?

You will find it were you lost it,

Loosing and finding…

Who separated us?

We are together in the worlds of light,

The power that draws us together,

The unstoppable power,

We meet again,

Through worlds and lifetimes,

Each time we meet and we win,

We have created stories and we are creating new stories,

Togetherness creates more opportunities,

The meeting birth a new world,

We win for sure!

© laura ciciskinaite


Sleeping beauties

Doves sb

They dream the dream,

Nightmare or sweet dream,

Sleeping beauties,

So innocent like doves,

Who knows innocent or insane…

In the eye of eternity equal.

Don’t wake them up if they not ready to wake up,

Let life sing them a lullaby,

So, beauties dream the dream…

The dream soo real, soo real…

Beauties want to hold the dream,

Sweet dream, mesmerizing dream,

Don’t shatter the magic spell,

Beauties will hate you for wake up call…

The Buddha the awakened one

The enemy of sleeping beauties,

The dream so real, so special and important, irreplaceable,

The Buddha walked into beauties dream,

The Buddha also a dream,

Dreams itself into the dream,

Just to awaken those who are ready to awake,

The Buddha is she a boon or a curse?

For some she is a boon,

For some a curse…

Do you want to wake up?

Wake up!

Awake NOW


© laura ciciskinaite

Movie of Life

Juodos gulbes filmas

The movie of life,

Many episodes.

Some episodes that you remember,

Some you just don’t.

People come in and leave your life

Some are just episodes,

Movies made with others,

Make sure it’s wonderlustful one.

Who is meaningless phantom?

Who is there to stay?

Who is going to bring spring?

Some of them are just burned ashes,

Don’t hang on the ashes,

Leave ashes.

Let Sakuras bloom even in winter,

Life that makes even the dead stick bloom,

Let in life, in your life,

Only life is immortal…

© laura ciciskinaite

Silence of the night

salcio piesiniai

White pine trees swinging in the wind,

The darkness of the night surrounds and hugs the trees,

Just trees and no one there,

The silence that would scare some people,

But that’s ok with me,

I love the silence, it is rare,

It’s hard to find, the treasure of the silence,

Drink every sip of it,

It’s priceless,

Sinking in the silence of the night

Don’t wait for dawn,

It breaks the silence.

The owl flying by may break the silence,

So, it does

The owl gazes

The gaze that stops the time…

It’s only owl that may break the silence…

Oh morning wait!

Leave me the void of the night sky and the stars,

Let me embrace the owl gaze,

Let me enjoy the silence…

© laura ciciskinaite



Fire Desire Kama

Fire picture

Lustful desire, the game of fire.

The game that is not for kids.

Master, magician of fire elemental

Use it as a fuel to rise up,

Fire that makes you fly,rocket fuel,

The fire the great animator of the world.

The gravity that becomes obsolete,

There is no road that is impossible to travel,

The fire burns the obstacles,

Obstacles that become phantoms.

Keep the fire just right temperature,

Balanced temperature

Not too much, not too less fuel,

Just right.

Master of the fire elemental

Transcend it into Divine Love,

That which was worldly became Divine,

The dance of life,

1 and 1 experience each other,

Perfect choreography in the eye of eternity,

Breathing the same rhythm,

Eternity experience itself.

What is the point?


The game is not for amateurs

Side effects of fire it burns and it hurts,

Kids don’t play with matches.

© laura ciciskinaite

The art of empty page

Blank page

Life philosophies, notions, definitions…

Trying to catalogue the life, put things into boxes,

Smaller boxes…

The book of life overflows with words,

Writing words on the written words,

There are no spaces, words cover words,

Cacophony of words and philosophies,

This is just obstacle to life.

Can you be life?

Can you feel life running through your veins?

The air that fills you?

Being human,

Being animal or plant,

The jaguar running in the jungle, so strong and fast, explosive power…

Being the power, the life force…

Take many forms and live out moment to moment metamorphoses…

The known and have faith in unknown.

Delete philosophies, sentences, words…

Leave page for the future blank, white page…

Write as you go,

Start new book

Universe agrees with me


Car numbers

AUM it is…

When you see sounds and then void

Clear light of reality…

© laura ciciskinaite