Forbidden Feeling Love

Rose raudona

Snow queen in her ice castle, everything is frozen because of the rigid heart, love is forbidden in the kingdom, love is considered feeling of the weak commoners and those who lack in ambition. Love is a crime that is punishable by death. How can heartless queen get rid of her greatest enemy? Kill it, kill love. Snow queen believes that love made her weak, made her suffer and caused pain, the pain was unbearable, so even word love is forbidden in her kingdom. She desperately tries to run away from the pain, she thinks that she is strong, she had built huge walls around her castle, so her enemy, love couldn’t get in. She always thought that love was her enemy and she stayed behind the walls of the ice castle.

After many years of suffering she realised that enemy wasn’t love, in fact, she was lied to and she bought a lie. As they say; it is better to realise later than never. Now she knows that the only thing she was afraid of is to loose love, she was afraid to loose a feeling that was so comforting and warm and she was afraid of isolation and coldness. As ironic as it may sound, she became that which she was afraid of. She used her own will to isolate herself from love. Now she is aware that she bought a lie, she sees her enemy, she knows that enemy sold her a lie, because it can’t feel love the enemy can’t feed on love, it only feeds on fear. The enemy sold a lie to the queen that she should be afraid, very afraid she should isolate and live in her ice castle and she should fight love.

While queen lived in her ice castle she was perfect food for the enemy, although one day she shined a light on the lie and she saw it for what it was, it was a lie. The spell have been broken, warm spring came to the kingdom and ice walls started to melt, love melted ice and frost, life engulfed the castle. When the queen smells roses in her garden, that smell like apples, and drinks morning tea she invites the enemy to smell the roses. For some reason enemy seems puzzled it doesn’t understand humour and for some reason it doesn’t like the smell of roses. Some say the smell of roses is an angel and it threatens demons. Probably angels and demons don’t mix ย together.

Queen is aware of the enemy she knows, the enemy wants her to be afraid, very afraid and it tries again and again to sell lies to the queen although queen says NO to an enemy. She knows the enemy well the enemy is a trickster, it likes fear because he only knows fear it doesn’t know what love is. Love is very foreign to the enemy. The enemy tries to create as much fear as it can so other snow queens and kings would be a perfect food source and it tells lies that love is bad, love hurts. The enemy is a master salesman it convinces many souls to buy fear, so they would create food and reality for the enemy.

If you think that love hurts that is a lie. Fear hurts. When fear invades your being love becomes tainted. Pure love heals and nourishes. When your heart is rigid you can’t be fluid and life force inside is frozen, you can’t move freely.

ยฉ Laura Ciciskinaite



Rose 5

So, many people are talking about love… Do they really know what love is? I’m not sure if I know what love is… This world is so entangled with fears, fear of lack, fear of loss…Fear clouds our mind…If we are constantly afraid it is very hard to see and feel love. Our huge ego, belief systems, hide love from us and sabotage the feeling of love…Our egos have so many expectations…Ego is afraid and wants to survive, ego seeks security …

So, have you been courageous enough to ask yourself a question, what love is? The answer may be, that you don’t know…Well, you are not the only one on this planet…at the moment, humans on this planet have very confusing understanding of what love is. The word love is probably the most prostituted word, humans cheapened word love, or maybe we don’t have enough words to describe the feeling, the feelings…Words are very limited form of expression, anyway…Unconditional love is synonymous to words freedom, faith, purity, responsibility, all these words are subject of it self.

Unfortunately a lot of humans on this planet understand love as having things, people, places, they want to capture everything. Why people behave like that? Because they are very afraid, there is a lot fear and useless programs in their mind.

Well, at least plants on this planet know what love is, it seems that they don’t hold negativity or maybe it is better to say that they transcend negativity, they breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen.

I know at least one story that proves plants love unconditionally ๐Ÿ™‚ and it is a personal story.

This story is about the red rose plant. One cold winters day I went shopping and decided to buy a red rose plant. This was very weird because I never buy plants and there were no plants in my apartment. My friends who know me, really would laugh at this because plants and me doesn’t really go together. Well, this sounds like an anecdote, me buying a plant. So, I got this plant and took it back home.ย It was pretty red rose with many flowers.

One day flowers fell of. I thought well, this is boring, now it is just leaves. After some time plant started growing a flower and new leaves. Those little leaves were shape of little hearts, so cute ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought that this is normal for leaves to look like mini hearts but after observing plant for some time, I have noticed that only six leaves were heart shaped the other leaves were just normal shape leaves. Those six leaves stayed on the plant nearly a year. Interesting coincidence that the flower and six heart shaped leaves grew on the plant on valentines day, oh yeah ย ๐Ÿ™‚ That was a perfect gift for the valentines day, a miracle ๐Ÿ™‚

Rose l

People on this planet associate rose with love, faith, purity, divine, spiritual unfoldment. Rose is also high vibrational plant , so angels and other higher beings can speak through the plant. Symbol of red rose is often used in many forms of art, poetry, movies, literature etc.

โ€œTo be sure, an ordinary passer-by would believe that my very own rose looked just like you, but she is far more important than all of you because she is the one I have watered. And it is she that I have placed under a glass dome. And it is she that I have sheltered behind a screen. And it is for her that I have killed the caterpillars[โ€ฆ]. And it is she I have listened to complaining or boasting or sometimes remaining silentโ€ฆโ€(Chapter XXI). Antoine de Saint โ€“ Exupery, Little Prince

What makes one particular plant more important than other plants, that you have taken care of it, you have nurtured it, you give attention, maybe that is love, maybe not unconditional, yet.

Well, if love is an art then it requires; the right knowledge, effort, attention, dedication.

Maybe for the most humans residing on this planet, love is only phantasmagoria, a dream…dreams tend to end, some dreams become reality…but what is real,anyway?

If you want for things to happen make them happen not just wish because otherwise it is just fantasy.

Love happens when you are unafraid. Fear is the barrier that covers love.

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Joy Divine Faith

Joy Divine Faith Bird

It was cold winters morning. I went for a walk in nature. The sky was grey, usual for the winter. Suddenly I saw a little bird and stopped, just to look at a little creature. Well, it stopped and also looked at me. Actually a little bird started at me, it wasn’t afraid and it came closer, sat on a fence, next to me. I stretched my arm towards the bird, it didn’t fly away, I was nearly touching the bird. Little creature started pulling my finger, I thought it was hungry. I asked him; are you hungry? It just looked at me, with the fearless look and flew couple of meters away. The bird found really big worm and pecked a worm few times, bird didn’t eat the worm. Little creature flew back to me, stood buy my side and looked at me for quite some time. Well, I thought, the bird wasn’t hungry and it likes me. People started passing by and each time when people pass by, my little friend flies away and when people are gone, it comes back. After some time the bird flew away and ate the worm, that it found earlier. I thought that the bird is not coming back so, I went and sat on the bench. After few minutes my little friend came back, sat next to me, maybe few centimetres away from my body, the bird looked at me and started singing, this lasted for few minutes… I looked at this magnificent creature and didn’t believe that this is really happening. Wild bird just sang me a song ๐Ÿ™‚ I walked back home in awe…When I came back home, looked at the calendar and it was 14 of February, Valentines day…Wow, that must be a coincidence ๐Ÿ™‚

Then I googled little birds, so I could find out what kind of bird it was, looked at many photos and found out that it was robin. I also googled what is the spiritual meaning of the robin? Few meanings of the robin is joy, faith, trust…

After some time I heard one Zen story. Little bird says to a man, why can’t you trust God, Source? Look at me I trust Source and Source provides me food, shelter I am joyous and I fly and sing all day. Be more like me, be joyous.

I think my encounter with little bird was a manifestation of that short Zen story.

I know it’s not easy to trust or have faith, because we have been conditioned not to have faith and believe in lack and scarcity. When you look at lack and scarcity you can clearly see that it is artificially created and there are so many documentaries, videos and articles which prove that lack is artificial. Universe, Source, God… no matter how you want to call Thatness, it is always looking after you, it talks to you…

Are you willing to listen?

Are you willing to be still?

Are you willing to be joyous?

Are you grateful?

If you love nature, you love life, yours and others…life is divine…divine talks to you…listen…

ยฉ Laura Ciciskinaite

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