Laura is an author, poet, blogger, photographer, spiritual catalyst, coach and student of life.

She  was born in small country Lithuanian the reason for it she planned this life before birth. Why Lithuanian?
Laura chose Lithuanian as a place she could temporarily stay and learn languages Russian, Polish and of course Lithuanian. Lithuanian language is one of the oldest in the world and it  is very close to ancient Sanskrit. Sanskrit can simplify understandings about spirituality. Russian language also explains a lot of spiritual understandings. So Lithuanian was very important bridge between east and west.

Laura lived half of her life in Lithuanian and she lives in between UK and Ireland, old Atlantis. She planed this before birth.

Laura is interested in subject of immortality and she wrote a book about it Indra in search of immortality and you can buy it electronic format. This book will change your life it seems ordinary at the beginning although it becomes other dimensional…

Because of interest in immortality Laura studied sports exercise and rehabilitation she thought she’s going to find answers in official education. That wasn’t a  case and official education only had theories about things no practice. She had to find answer somewhere else.

People talk a lot about faith a lot…What is faith? Experience is faith…Meaning of life is experience…


Laura Ciciskinaite

Student of Life

Enlightenment Wisdom Clarity Discernment Harmony Balance Power

Joy Light Love


Thriving Wealth Prosperity

Magic Miracles





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