Guardians Aliens Guides

Last summer I visited my home country Lithuanian and one morning I had very peculiar dream it was soo real. I was in this nice environment and see these humanoid beings they don’t look like adults they look more like children very thin so thin like they have no substance to them, they look a bit like faerie 🧚 beings although they have these big eyes and the colour of eyes is like pictures of galaxy, it’s very hard to describe the colour. More correct would be few glittery colours. Their eyes seem like galaxies. All of them had the same hair colour black, the hair was short. They were dressed in small dresses. The energy was like all of them is one tribe.

I felt very happy in their presence, then the phone rang and the dream had to finish. Back to physical reality. At the end of the dream one of the beings, that was a girl, gave me a wee rock, it was pretty, I took it.

I forgot the dream for a while, and few months ago went into spiritual stuff shop to buy some sage and stuff, and the shop assistant showed me a small rock, she said it “popped out”… I looked at it and bought it. Thought I have many rocks in the house, oh well I can have it because it’s small.

Only now when I look at the rock it looks like the rock “alien” beings passed to me. So I have the gift in the physical realm.

It wasn’t first time beings gave stuff to me, it’s just matter of learning to use it correctly. It takes time to figure out what to do with it.

The subsurface beings and “aliens” help us out quite a bit, you just have to recognise the help.

They are magical helpers…

There is help out there…


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