Love affairs between immortals & mortals


‘Once upon a time there was this girl called Egle that lived near sea side town Palanga, she was a village girl and she had few brothers and sisters. One morning she went to bath, and when she came back the serpent was in her clothes and asked her to marry him, if she will promise this to him, then he would leave her clothes. She promised this although she didn’t think about the consequences and she forgot about the promise as soon as snake gave her clothes back. Snake didn’t forget the promise and he came back to get what he wanted. Humans tried to trick the serpent and sent him different animals although at the end he gots what he wanted, he marries Egle. Serpent takes Egle to his home which is underneath the Baltic sea…

So, come back to the story, Egle had four kids with Zilvinas, thats is the name of serpent being. They had three sons and one daughter. Egle wanted to come back to her human family, just to visit although Zilvnas didn’t allow her to do that, eventually he asked Egle to complete the ‘impossible’ tasks of which Egle completed with the help of the witch. Egle came back to see her family and when she wanted to go back to Zilvinas her brothers killed him, after that she cursed her kids and they became trees because youngest daughter betrayed her dad.’

There are more than hundred variations of the story ‘Egle grass snake queen’ in Lithuanian mythology and if you want to read the whole story you may find few versions on the web. I cut the story short just to mention the highlights of the story.

Now, my take of the story, starting from the beginning when Egle sees the snake in her clothes, was it a snake or a reptilian being, those beings are mentioned in many cultures, in Indian mythology they are called Nagas in some myth they are good in some myth they are bad although they usually portrait as wise. Even the person who ‘discovered’ yoga system  apparently was half man half snake his name was Patanjali.

Not trying to take sides here, who is good who is bad, trying to stay neutral. Some people, in spiritual community believe that all reptilians are bad…When we say word bad, well bad to who? Humans are not good too, they harm animals and each other…

In the Egle’s stroy we see that she makes the promise to reptile being and then tries to trick him, so human that makes a promise and brakes it, probably they don’t understand what is honour? And at the end her brothers kill Zilvinas even though it seems she already loved him and had four kids with him…

Also when looking at ‘kids thing’ in the story, seems they looked human not reptile, so this asks a question about the hybrid kids…kids who have ‘alien’ DNA…

Also scientist still don’t talk about the junk DNA, and in nature there is no junk, nature don’t create junk. ‘Junk’ DNA means a lot of humans may have, so cold ‘alien’ DNA, including reptilian. When human consciousness changes reptilian consciousness also changes because of the DNA connection.

Egles story tells us that Zilvinas took her to his home which was under the Baltic sea waters. Strangely enough there were quite many photos which show the structures under the Baltic sea, they call it ‘Baltic sea anomaly’, as if it looks like UFO craft.

Another famous story in Lithuanian mythology is Jurate and Kastytis this is a story of mermaid falling in love with a human fisherman. At first Jurate mermaid, wanted to punish Kastytis for disturbing the peace in the sea and then she changes her mind and she falls in love. She takes him to amber castle underneath the Baltic Sea waters. It seems that story should end happily ever after although Immortal Perkunas ( the same as Scandinavian Odin, thunder god) punishes the lovers, some stories say that Perkunas destroys the amber castle and kills Kastytis. When people find pieces of amber, on the shores of Baltic sea, people say it is the remains of the castle or the tears of Jurate because she lost Kastytis.

Both stories involve human and supernatural being and they get punished for their love because their own kind thinks ‘that sort of love’ shouldn’t be, their own kind thinks that they may decide what is best for them and they kill the ‘alien’, in first story Zilvinas killed by humans and in second story Kastytis killed by gods…

…so who is right?…who is wrong?…who is bad?…who is good?

These stories inspired many artists and the sculpture in the photo is ‘Egle Grass Snake Queen’ in Palanga town Lithuania, there is also a statue of Jurate and Kastytis also in Palanga town as two stories ‘happened’ in Palanga…

There is another story about Birute and Kestutis, which also originated in Palanga…the story for the next time…


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