Sweet Dreams & Nightmares…Who you share your bed with?


You dream a dream with other beings, so you co create experiences in this reality. You live in your own dream bubble and you mix with other dream bubbles and create dreams together.

You think you have original thoughts, ideas, dreams… are you?

You think nobody had it before…?

Where the thoughts and ideas come from?

You think you generate them? Or it comes from somewhere else; creation, other beings, god, gods. Other creatures who are good or bad, or indifferent, they have their goals, agendas which you probably not aware of…

Is it angel or demon whispering into your ear?

People and other beings dream the dreams for you, they have plans for you, they have planed future for you.

Who are you going to be in their dream? Wonder if they make your dream bigger or totally going to shrink you and make you insignificant and miserable?

When you are exploring something or experiencing something that also explores and experiences you, it may become you? It is like eating food it becomes you. When you explore certain states of mind it explores you and you become those states of mind.

Be aware what you explore, be aware what you experience…you might become that…

When you have a desire to drink or eat or have relationships with someone…

Is it you or is it third party involved? Maybe you just become someones slave?

If you have goals in life make sure they are yours and you not living someones dream, you can if you want to, just don’t make it a nightmare.

People are walking projectors they see you certain way, they might worship you, ignore you, hate you, love you, reduce or increase your worth. See when you are with people your world shrinks or expands…

You can tell a lot about people what kind sense of humour they have if any, does this is humour light or heavy. How people talk about nature and animals, it tells a lot about their evolution level.

You may walk into a dream and decide how long you want to stay there. Walk from one dream to other. People may try and keep you in their dream, even though you don’t want to stay as if they keeping you hostage. They may try ruin your dreams. A lot of people try to guide you although if they don’t know who they are, how they may guide you? Don’t let the misguided guide you…

…or maybe you are the misguided one and try to control others?

People who can’t control themselves a lot of the times run around and try to control others.

Maybe there are good guides out there? … are you listening? A lot of the times they going to be quite, so in order to hear them you have to become silent…

You have to have enough power, wisdom, and balance to see and find the right guides…

Power takes you on the paths according to your evolution level and your readiness to hear…


You may also step into the void and have no dreams for some time, it is very refreshing. You may experience Nirvana, oh well that is totally different story…

Sweet dreams…and choose wisely who you share your bed with…make sure you know what dreams they have for you…

© laura ciciskinaite


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