Puck Pan the God or Prankster

king puck

Pan was known as one of the gods, the horned god he was a mixture of human and goat, sort of chimera in modern terms, body that contains features of more than one species. Pan was wild, he was a free spirit he lived in nature and he didn’t need temples for worship. He seemed as a humble god. Pan also goes by other names and he is mentioned in mythology and writings of different cultures Pan also was mentioned in writings of Shakespeare and Bulgakov.

A lot of people maybe associate Pan as a devil because Pan was associated with sex and nature and puritan Christians saw nature and sex as bad and dirty. Pan is also portrait as a prankster or a trickster although if you look at the story lines carefully he becomes like that only when people make agreements and promise things, and humans brake the promises. Also humans try to trick the creatures and then they get tricked themselves and of course they get angry and call the creature bad. It seems a lot of people get mad when their desire not fulfilled they become like spoiled brat that blames everything around them and of course ‘devil made them do it’. People use that phrase as an excuse. It seems that Pan wasn’t one being there were a lot of Pan’s as if it was a species, a race of beings and it was an old race.

Also on this planet you may try, the good and the bad experiences, people chose this when they ate an apple from the tree ‘bad and good’. You always have a choice what sort of games you want to play. You may choose it consciously or unconsciously. Best make choices when you are the most aware.

Some people say that fairy spirits and/or Pan or Puck are bad and tricksters although they are friends of witches and witches were associated with nature. If you treat nature badly so don’t expect it to treat you well it is not stupid it is not going to tolerate abuse. People get mad when they leave energetic debts and something or someone comes to collect them. Usually these nature spirits punish or trick people who treat nature as if it would be their commodity.

People in Killorglin, Ireland still have a fair in August (and that is when it is ‘Lion’s Gate’ which comes from Egyptian tradition, related to Egyptian New Year and also Sirius) where they crown a male goat, it comes from pagan times.

A lot of yogi people have a pet goat because they consider a goat as a very smart and intelligent animal. So the horned God reaches Yogic traditions also.

Gods, goddess, fairies, nature spirits, they are unknown for most of people. Those beings a lot of times are shapeshifters and they may change forms. What if they reflect your state of mind? Then they treat you the way you are…

People say the devil is ‘a gods beast on a leash’ and it can’t or don’t want to touch certain people. Hey! There are people who swim with sharks, with crocodiles, or may walk among wild predators like lions or tigers, and yeah it is only few individuals …The yogis would encounter wild bears, tigers and elephants and the animals don’t attack yogis…

It seems that this depends of how you treat environment, it treats you back the same way… everything in nature is alive and it remembers…and you are part of it…

©laura ciciskinaite


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