Da purple book, being seen

indraOnce upon a time in a country far far away, in a time and space quite different…in the place that use to be called Soviet Union, the time that is history now…

The girl lived in that space and time, she was ordinary or maybe extraordinary girl…she was the girl who told stories, and she was one of those kinds that tell stories to grandma 👵 and grandma would fall asleep, not the other way round. She have learned to read and write at early age, she tough other kids how to read and she read and told stories to other kids that couldn’t read yet.

Like other kids she had to go to school although she didn’t like school because it had too many rules and restrictions also kids would get punished there.

One day a homework at school was to write a story or a poem.

A girl was very happy about that that’s her element, the words…

The girl was busy all weekend she wrote a poem, she wrote a story, she made a little book, she drew pictures in the book. The cover of the book was purple, she have used the nicest paper she had for the book, and in times of Soviet Union, even that was scarce. She enjoyed the process she looked at the book and it was the most perfect book, she couldn’t wait for Monday to bring her book to school.

Monday came and she went to school, she was happy then. The teacher at school asked to show the homework, a story or a poem, and the girl thought she’s going to show whole book. Girl looked at her bag and she couldn’t find a book, she left book at home. The teacher started screaming and she said many bad words, most likely teacher had a bad day. Teacher said to a girl ‘you’re  a liar’. The girl said that she can go  home and bring the book to school, it would only take few minutes. Teacher didn’t want to hear that and she decided to punish a girl and write a very bad mark.

This world is a weird place people may destroy other people’s lives just because they had a bad day and then the chain continues.

Don’t ruin someone’s day just because you had a bad day, people are not emotional bins…

Situations like that happened many times in girls life that she was blamed for things she didn’t do. People just don’t want to know and don’t want to hear, they don’t care what is true, they want to be right, indulge in self righteousness. This world seemed unfair and it was…although are you going to be like those other people, a lot of people are just the right example how not to live your life.

Because of those people girl felt this unnatural sense of guilt, like she had to say I’m sorry for breathing and sorry for existing…

That is exactly what system wants, people who constantly feel guilt, shame and blame. It  is time to say goodbye to these emotions, process and let them go. Time to brake old chain. Be the one who brakes the pattern.

After many years the new purple book was written and it explores sucbject of immortality;

Why people age?

Why people get old?

Why people die?

What human beings are capable of?

What other creatures are out there?

You can read a chapter from the book in pdf file, link below.

Chapter Black Black Night and Dragon Dance 

The link below, that’s were you may buy a book. Thank you 🙏 😊


© laura ciciskinaite


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