Purple magic


Have you ever asked yourself a question, what magic is?

What magic means to you?
One would say magic is something very exotic, foreign and far away from us.
One day I have decided to do an experiment I have set an intention to see magic in my life. The experiment would last 24 hours. So here it goes, in that 24 hours I want to manifest a purple feather and magic. In the first few minutes of the experiment I have opened my facebook and I saw a picture of a cat, well cats are magical to me and the next thing, cats name is Theodora which means, a gift from god. Very strange coincidence…
Very interesting beginning. After few minutes I see a purple feather on my computer screen, I didn’t google purple feather. Then I thought to my self well, seeing a purple feather on computer screen it is not a big deal, I want to see real feather. Few minutes later falcon passes my window, which is pretty magical.
How do I see a purple feather, that seemed so impossible, it must be on some exotic bird and where do I get that exotic bird in Europe, mission impossible. Next day I go for a walk in the park and take photos. There are lots of birds around, and I totally forgot experiment about magic and purple feather. I look at a pigeon it looks so awesome, I look at it and it seems so magical, shiny. Feathers shine in the sunlight and it changes colour from green to purple…Wait the minute purple, boom there you go, purple feather and magic. Who would thought that grey pigeon is colourful and magic, but it is…


I walk further and see more pigeons, loads of them and there is one absolutely white…wow there is a white dove between pigeons.
That is very special…Dove 2

Holy spirit itself decided to show up and take a stroll in the park. Yes, this happened in 24 hours it started with gift from god and continued into manifestation of holy spirit itself.

© Laura Ciciskinaite

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