Christmas lights



Christmas lights are all over the streets during this time of the year Christmas lights seem like magic, something extraordinary and wonderful.As day light is very short Christmas lights are kind of substitute for the day light. Can’t deny, Christmas lights are very amusing, hypnotic, maybe even distracting. Christmas lights also known as fairy lights, before electric lights become popular people use to use candles.

Christmas lights, representation of the stars in the sky or the lights that are within us, light particles. Actually Christmas lights look very similar to light particles, although light particles are much brighter and prettier than electric lights.

Light that illuminates the world. Sunlight illuminates the world during the day also sunlight hides the lights of the stars also have you noticed when the sun is the highest in the sky the colours of the things seem not so bright. Everybody knows the positive side of the light…

Light doesn’t cast a shadow…

Light gives hope to people. Hope is good thing as long as it is not false hope.

Did you notice that light can blind, burn, also things can hide behind the light?


Street lights illuminate the the road but you can’t see the stars in the sky because of the electrical pollution.

Winter time use to be dedicated for hibernation and fasting. Now winter associates with partying overeating, alcohol and consumerism. Shops sell so much stuff during Christmas time. Things in shop windows ‘illuminated’ with the help of electrical lights. Material things represented as Christmas miracle, something very spacial. Whirlpool of electrical lights are so hypnotic…


Almost make you buy things that you don’t need.

Humans on this planet are addicted to consume matter. Consumerism reaches its peak at Christmas time. Humans start behave like hungry ghosts.

Hungry ghost or preta in Buddhism religion these beings are pictured with huge empty stomachs, but they have pinhole mouths, and their necks are so thin they cannot swallow. A preta is one who is always looking outside himself for the new things that will satisfy the craving within, they are driven by intense emotional needs in an animalistic way.

Well, consuming to much matter or stuff most likely not going to fulfil emotional and spiritual needs…

Access the light within, meditate.

As Yoda from Star Wars said ‘Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter’

lights bright

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