Presence of evil


Cosmopolitan, suburban, European town based on the banks of river Thames, famous for its cafes, bars and parks. It seems like dream place to live.

What caught my attention, a park which is home for many dears and oak trees. At first glance this is a fairytale place; magnificent oak trees, baby dears running around but for some reason I can feel the presence of a darkness…I don’t know where the darkness is coming from but it is there.


In my mind comes this scene from the movie The Hobbit-Lord of the Rings, when magician Radagast is walking in the woods and notices that something is wrong, he tries to understand what is happening and suddenly he finds out that it is dark magic.

When I walked in the park suddenly I have noticed interesting cloud, very interesting shape…


One day I wanted to go and meditate under the oak tree, so I come up close to one oak tree and then the other one…and the other one…and one thing they have in common they are infested with some sort of parasites and they are dying or are already dead. I got overwhelmed with sadness and despair, these magnificent beings are dying…and I also got the message don’t touch the trees…

After I have researched the subject of dying oaks it seems that parasites that live on the trees are also harmful to humans, they cause allergies to humans.

When I was researching subject of the oak trees, it seems that oak trees all over the Europe are dying, they are infested with parasites, there are few articles that give scientific reasons why this is happening, but the question arises why this happened all of a sudden? Somebody kills rainforest by cutting the trees and oak trees in Europe dye because of a parasites, could this be caused by GMO, chemtrails or other unknown reason? Could this be a black magic?Who knows?Isn’t GMO and chemtrails black magic?

Also the dear in the park die because of human recklessness they get hit by cars or eat plastic that humans dump on the ground, wild animals eat it and then dye horrible death. This form of evil is called apathy. Apathy is the worst form of evil in human kind. Why it is the worst? Because is invisible to most humans. ‘Slums may well be breeding grounds of crime, but middle class suburbs are incubators of apathy and delirium.’ Cyril Connolly

Please be good to nature use less plastic, recycle and don’t leave rubbish in nature. By destroying nature humans destroy themselves, not even realising that their body is composed of the same elements as the planet. Put to the end this ‘plastic fantastic’ lifestyle, because American dream turned into nightmare.

Evil could be very seductive because it is a master of lie and like in the old fairy tail it seduces. Remember the fairy tail about Hansel and Gretel? Evil can look very appealing but when you look closer you can see that it is a lie. If something looks good doesn’t mean it is good…Appearances could be very deceiving…

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