The drop of Love, Rise in Love


In the darkest hour of the bottomless abyss,

The hopeless place, without a speck of light.

The darkest darkness and no view in front of you.

The only thing that’s left , I envy the owls,

Owls can see at night.

Who argues with an owl that night is dark?

May I borrow owls vision, so I could see in the darkness?

When I would stop falling?

Where is the bottom of the abyss?

Floating in the void, no floor under the feet…

Is it true, as low as you can go as high you can rise?

When is it time to rise?

The drop of love that disperse the darkness,

The drop of love that dissolves the darkest darkness,

Even one drop is more than enough, the only one!

Love that is soo freeing,

Love and freedom goes hand in hand,

The clarity, the light, discernment, joy, faith and wisdom, it is so powerful.

It is the power, balanced and wise power.

Creative substance of the Universe.

Rise in Love!



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