Choices Crossroads Experience




Standing on the crossroad, making a choice, big or small. Life consists of choices, choices brought you were you are now and choices will bring you some place else. Your life experience depend on your choices.  It is better to make aware and conscious choices, this planet is like a board game, a chess board that consists of black and white squares, black squares represent ignorance, white represent knowledge. In Buddhism ignorance is a greatest ‘sin’ because in ignorant and unaware state of mind you make choices that may not serve you well and may take you into a dark place, of course  by making conscious choices you may get out of dark place, only it is hard to do so when your mind is confused. It is better not to make choices when you are in confused state of mind, get your mind unconfused first. Your mind is like a water when its stirred up you can’t see things clearly and then you walk through life blindfolded.

On this planet you may experience polarities right and wrong, good and bad, high and low, success and failure… So, who writes definitions for the right and wrong, high and low…well, those who control, manage the mind. If somebody is controlling or programming your mind, you may say they make choices for you. Media, education system, society program individuals mind. So, do you want to keep all the programs? How programs serve you? What do you want to uninstall?

The system or the matrix ,whatever you want to call the status quo, wants you to be predictable. They are like a machine want to calculate what you are going to do next.

What are you going to do next?

System doesn’t like unpredictability, even in small choices of your life.

What clothes are you going to wear today?

What lipstick are you going to wear today, if any?

Which road are you going to walk today?

Are you going to make your own road?

Are you going to start walking the road that starts appearing in front of you when you start walking the road? Are you going to make the road?

Walk the road that nobody walked before…

Are you going to take a leap of faith, like a fool on a tarot card, facing the unknown?

Fool doesn’t mean stupid although it may be, the fool card is number zero. This reality is made up of 0 and 1. In yoga we try to become 0 because the 0 is infinite possibility.

Unknown is always scary, you may shine the light in front of you, so you may see the road that starts to appear.

How do you shine the light in front?

Reconcile polarities in your mind, become neutral observer, well this may take you some time although it is better to start doing it sooner than later. Clear mind serves you better. Learn to meditate, still your mind.

How to reconcile polarities?

Shadow work mental,emotional processing, uncondition yourself of fear. The best processing techniques I have learned is from the book The Marriage of Spirit  by Leslie Temple-Thurston.

You may read more about the book here

Process fears and other emotions, get to know your emotions, get to know when it is real anxiety and when it is fake fear.

More info on fear processing and fear processing exercise


Here is more info on mediation







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