white flowers feather

This world of beginnings and endings, there is completion,

When you see the whole picture.

The sense of putting details and pieces together.

Enjoying the process of creation,

The small details take attention for so long,

You get impatient, when it is going too end?

What it is going to be?

How it is going to look?

In Zen there are no beginnings and no ends,

Only continuity and change…

There is plateau and the ocean,

The island in the ocean and there are many islands and continents,

All this is one, everything and nothing…

You climb the mountain top,

When on the top you see,

There are the lakes and valleys and oceans and other mountains,

Maybe you climbed to see what is out there?

To see a bigger picture and the picture gets bigger and bigger,

Until it’s boundless…

© laura ciciskinaite



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