Change 4 seasons

Four seasons are one of the best representation of change on this planet. You can see how things are born, grow, decay and die. Day and night is one of the representations of light and dark on this planet.This world has beginnings and endings…

Some of the heaven worlds probably don’t have night and four seasons, they live in one season world which is illuminated by few suns. Some of the worlds are just perfect perfection where there are no beginnings and no endings. Change happens in those worlds too but different type of change. In our case we have to face light and dark also four seasons. At the moment this is the world of polarity; good and bad, nice and ugly, pain and pleasure…Sometimes you have to look at things that are not pretty because if you are going to deny their existence it doesn’t mean it is going to cease to exist, you don’t fight it either, fighting may make it stronger.

Change happens constantly if you resist change it causes you pain and in a long run this may lead you to suffering. Change could be uncomfortable and people on this planet don’t like change, by living in their box life, change is challenging for them.

Letting go is hard…

Attachment is an addiction on this planet…

Drama is very addictive drug…humans please drop the drama it is so tiring!

Human beings like to hoard, because of fear of lack and loss, or the neediness and stinginess…

It is difficult to let go of people, places, things…humans are afraid of the unknown so they cling to things that no longer serve them, even if it causes suffering. It seems known suffering is better than, unknown even if there is ‘a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’.

For humans on this planet unknown is so scary because they have been traumatized so many times in this and previous lives. Mass media sells you fear on every corner. They do this because they want you to believe in fear and create reality for them. The solution is to switch of the TV and main stream media, oh lame stream media. After doing that you will gain a lot.

Being in a limbo state it is so hard when you don’t see a future. When things haven’t ended yet and things haven’t began yet. Mind can get caught in fear and fear clouds your mind even more.

So, how do you go smoothly through change learn mental, emotional processing, meditate, spend time in nature, be in silence, still your mind…Don’t be afraid spending time on your own, alone doesn’t mean lonely, well at least you can do what you want, nobody stops you. When you are alone you can get to know your self, you don’t have to cope with other peoples projections.

When you are still answer will come and change is going to be a natural process, can’t promise it is going to be painless…,well you could say change will push you out of your comfort zone and it doesn’t turn into suffering.

If you have nervous breakdowns during change, using alcohol, or any other addictive substances it is a bad idea because it clouds your mind even more and you can’t see clearly.

‘The only thing that is constant is change.’ Heraclitus

© Laura Ciciskinaite

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