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This world is endless maze there are so many of those who try to catch your attention or try to sell you something; a thing or a lifestyle…Do you buy everything that is on offer?What do you buy? Why do you buy it?

So, when I have googled freedom, first thing that came up was makeup brand…well you could say makeup would give you freedom, I wonder how exactly makeup gives you freedom. So, draw your face and you will become free?

There are many of those who are going to sell you lifestyle, that supposedly will give you freedom. You can choose a lifestyle, there are many choices out there or you can create your own lifestyle or brand.

Yes, you can buy into ‘Sex and the City’ lifestyle but if you are going to sleep with whole pond of frogs will you find prince charming and who said that prince is going to be loving, caring…,well charming they said, he is going to be, just charming and charming he is, nothing more, nothing less.Well, you might meet princes Rose and she will turn into evil witch…oh, those deceiving appearances. You were looking for soul mate but you found a cell mate…Who sold you idea of DA ONLY ONE soul mate? How do you know that it is true?

You can buy into ‘Family Guy’ lifestyle. They even have joke about average family in the USA,husband and wife, two and a half kids and golden retriever. You can choose life/family model were ‘daddy is rich and mama is good looking’.

You can buy into exercise freak lifestyle and yes exercise may become an addiction, it is not worst addiction, but still.

Few years ago people use to have an idea how business person should look like, straight male in his 40’s wearing a suit and a tie, there are still people who believe this idea. I heard this story when 19 year old businessman wearing t shirt and  sneakers went to the bank and in the bank there was this note business clients don’t need to queue, so he approached bank person without the queue, of course he was told off, when he said that he is a business client. When bank person realised that young guy was really  business client, that was a bit of a shock. People still have stereotypes and label people. People have an idea how business person should look like.

Some people say that there are people who buy into gay lifestyle, even if they are not gay, they just choose a lifestyle because it is trendy or they want to fit in, into industry they work in for example fashion industry or show business.

Being ‘spiritual’ it is also a trend, a lifestyle choice. If you think that you can sit in cross legged pose, you think it means you know how to meditate, cross legged position is not indicator of meditation. Spacing out is not meditation and daydreaming is not meditation.If you are psychic you think you are spiritual, not necessarily. Sometimes it seems non spiritual people are more spiritual than those who claim they are spiritual.

You can be a monopoly guy or a downshifter choice is there, you can choose. It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do what matters is.Why you are doing it? Does it make you more or less free? Do you want to be free? Freedom is also synonyms to word responsibility. The problem is that a lot of people on this planet still don’t know how to be their own authority, this is because they never been taught how to be free and response able. Free person is dangerous to the system  because he/she won’t obey blindly.

Be aware, system knows that you will try to escape the reality that you don’t like, so they created ‘sex, drugs, rock and roll’, basically indulging and addiction trap or you may say instant gratification. It seems a lot of generations fall the same way, overindulge in simple pleasures of life. They get sucked in the INSTANT GRATIFICATION trap, a spoiled brat mentality.

There were and there are a lot of social movements that fight for freedom a lot of the movements start with good intentions, unfortunately a lot of the movements get hijacked by dark forces and stray away from their initial motives. Be aware of fake people.

This planet is a maze enjoy while you are on it but don’t forget that it is a trap, very entertaining, but still a trap.Learn mindfulness, awareness and responsibility these words are synonymous to freedom.

If you want to regain your freedom learn mental emotional processing, also learn how to meditate, learn be mindful and aware, learn how to be in the now. I know it is difficult to learn and apply  all these things because we have been taught quite the opposite, basically how not to live our lives.People are unaware of the mental, emotional bodies.It is a common knowledge that thought create reality. Do you know where thoughts come from? Do you think all thoughts that go through your mind are yours? Why do you choose certain lifestyle model? Why do you do what you do? What is your motivation? Get to know your mind and you will be able to answer these questions.

One of the biggest fears humans have is fear of loss, afraid to loose something or someone, fear of death, loss of the physical body.You may come to a point in your life, this life or next life when you realise that you have nothing to loose because you don’t own anything or anyone, you may  borrow something but eventually you have to return it…Some say that freedom is when you have nothing left to loose.

Finally, one of my favourite Zen koans;’Be in the world but not of it’.

© Laura Ciciskinaite


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