Zen Sunset Sadness

Sun set zen

Sadness of the ending day,

Experience ends,

Sadness overwhelms beingness.

It doesn’t want to let go of the passing day,

Beingness tries to fight sadness, tries to run away from it,

Evening closed the door for the day.

Sadness asks beingness embrace it,

Sadness has lessons to teach,

Be still for the moment and listen,

Be quieter than a blade of grass and be still as a tree.

Beingness embraces the sadness,

Sadness you are welcome here,

Nice to meet you!

Have a cup of tea,


Talking to sadness,

Sadness said everything it wanted to say,

It was heard,

Shining the light on sadness,

Sadness left, it taught it’s lesson.

Birth of the new experience started,

New feeling,

Colours became brighter

Freshness and stillness of the evening hugs the beingness,

Journey continues…



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