Invincible Bodhisattva be Buddha


Felt your pain the pain, so intense,

Don’t know if being can withstand that pain…

So, Bodhisattva fell in love.

Why would you want to fall?

Tried to fix someone who was broken,

Bodhisattva wanted to face shadow, so she saw,

The most perfect shadow,

The being in pain, there was soo much pain.

How can you withstand that pain?

Bodhisattva though that she was invincible to pain,

She felt the pain of the loved one, she saw the shadow.

The pain, so unbearable.

Bodhisattva, the way of the saviour…

Tragic-comic path of Bodhisattva,

Who would choose that road?

Who are you trying to save?

Why you try to save someone who doesn’t want to be changed or saved?

Please, Bodhisattva don’t think you are invincible, you going to feel his pain…

How much pain is too much pain?

Then the guilt kicked in, why can’t you save him?

You thought you were bullet proof…

Maybe it’s not time…

Let go, please, let go….

Take the love and please leave…

Close the door behind.

Please leave, he is like a salt on the wound…

You want to change for him,

Does he want to change for you?

His care is fake, his heart is frozen, bankrupt soul…

Just leave, darling, please leave…

Don’t indulge in this masochistic endeavour,

Keep the love and leave…

Thank you for exposing my weakest parts,

Thank you for being an aim,

Thank you for letting me see the creations of the darkness,

It was grotesque, demonic creations…

Bodhisattva descended into inferno…

Thank you, won’t get into the details of that macabre creation,

Bodhisattva has to leave,

Bodhisattva tried,

Exit the boat,

Burn the boat.

Just a bad dream.

Was it real?

Did it ever happened?

Life goes on…


© laura ciciskinaite


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