Queen golden thread the unravelling

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Beatrice was the love and inspiration for Dante. Ariadne was immortal goddess and golden thread to Theseus and wife of Dionysus. Ariadne gave the golden thread to Theseus, so he would get out of the labyrinth. The story says that Dionysus went to Hades and back to save Ariadne. She was the way shower for one man and love for the other, the perfect aim or game, some may say. She was the unraveler in the dance of the eternity. Were they historic figures or just a myth? Were they real or just phantasmagoria? Well, it seems like they were perfect incarnate feminine aspect of creation, authentic queens. Of course, Helen of Troy she was the ultimate sport…

Who is the perfect queen?

If she stands in her full power she intimidates, maybe even scares mortals although she pretends she is one of them. She has to dim her light and hide the power because mortals get jealous and then they do insane things, they try to own the power, they try to posses it or they try to destroy it, that is why she is so addictive. She is the ultimate high for the mortal. Mere mortals aren’t aware of what it is, they would call it special because it is new experience for them. This specialness isn’t a sexy image that mortal girls try to create to sell themselves, mortal girls, a bit primitive and naive. Although queen doesn’t play mortal games it is too boring, creating sexy image and then think that it is the ultimate game, it seems like you play all the game with one card. How can you play poker with one card? Of course, if you ever want to play the game.

Mystics don’t have to stand out in the crowd because they don’t want to be seen by the crowd and mystic will see/recognize another mystic even s/he is in the rags. Queen doesn’t need a throne or a crown, these are just decorations, mystics don’t need attributes these are the toys for the amateurs. Only primitive people fall in love with accessories and images these are just facade, which like house of cards are easily destroyed.

There are a lot of artists in the world and they create create outside of themselves, they get glimpses of divinity when they create. When person knows self, real self and then creates self consciously and aware that is real creation. ‘Know thyself’

Masterpiece is thrown into the mess of the world, it is still a masterpiece…

Who is to say what is a masterpiece and what is a mess? Depends who looks at it demon or angel…in the eye of eternity everything is perfect the mess is perfect, the masterpiece is perfect and both don’t exist at the same time.

So is it just masterpiesfull mess that doesn’t exist? There are endless states of mind and you may experience low or high states of mind, that is your choice

If person knows how to attract people, they also know how to repel people, queen chose to repel people because in this world there are too many weeds. Why would you want to attract weeds in your reality?

What draws two people together? Some say power, some say similar karma, well the pragmatist would say the same goals…so,who is right?

Humans try to posses divinity although it can only be the other way round divinity possesses you.

Queen was approached by princes of light and darkness they have tried to impress her with their mastery in illusions. Some tried to impress her with their grotesque creations some wonderful creations,you have to give credit for them they were masters of illusions, definitely not lacking in imagination. Although how can you impress the master of illusion? How can you sell the ultimate game to the master of illusions. When you have seen the light the dark and the clear light of reality who can impress you?

Although it is sort of amusing to watch the illusion, how existence unfolds itself, it is so wonderful, grotesque, humorous of course it is entertaining!

Sometimes queen embraces the play of existence and she wants to fulfil the desires and fears of the princes although the most of her time she is just a neutral observer that which doesn’t interfere. Princes want to share reality with her although would she let anyone to merge their reality with hers. Does princes and queens life mix? What about mere mortal? What do you do with mere mortal? Or queen is just arrogant bitch that underestimates humans?


© laura ciciskinaite


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