The art of empty page

Blank page

Life philosophies, notions, definitions…

Trying to catalogue the life, put things into boxes,

Smaller boxes…

The book of life overflows with words,

Writing words on the written words,

There are no spaces, words cover words,

Cacophony of words and philosophies,

This is just obstacle to life.

Can you be life?

Can you feel life running through your veins?

The air that fills you?

Being human,

Being animal or plant,

The jaguar running in the jungle, so strong and fast, explosive power…

Being the power, the life force…

Take many forms and live out moment to moment metamorphoses…

The known and have faith in unknown.

Delete philosophies, sentences, words…

Leave page for the future blank, white page…

Write as you go,

Start new book

Universe agrees with me


Car numbers

AUM it is…

When you see sounds and then void

Clear light of reality…

© laura ciciskinaite


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