Fire Desire Kama

Fire picture

Lustful desire, the game of fire.

The game that is not for kids.

Master, magician of fire elemental

Use it as a fuel to rise up,

Fire that makes you fly,rocket fuel,

The fire the great animator of the world.

The gravity that becomes obsolete,

There is no road that is impossible to travel,

The fire burns the obstacles,

Obstacles that become phantoms.

Keep the fire just right temperature,

Balanced temperature

Not too much, not too less fuel,

Just right.

Master of the fire elemental

Transcend it into Divine Love,

That which was worldly became Divine,

The dance of life,

1 and 1 experience each other,

Perfect choreography in the eye of eternity,

Breathing the same rhythm,

Eternity experience itself.

What is the point?


The game is not for amateurs

Side effects of fire it burns and it hurts,

Kids don’t play with matches.

© laura ciciskinaite


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