Silence of the night

salcio piesiniai

White pine trees swinging in the wind,

The darkness of the night surrounds and hugs the trees,

Just trees and no one there,

The silence that would scare some people,

But that’s ok with me,

I love the silence, it is rare,

It’s hard to find, the treasure of the silence,

Drink every sip of it,

It’s priceless,

Sinking in the silence of the night

Don’t wait for dawn,

It breaks the silence.

The owl flying by may break the silence,

So, it does

The owl gazes

The gaze that stops the time…

It’s only owl that may break the silence…

Oh morning wait!

Leave me the void of the night sky and the stars,

Let me embrace the owl gaze,

Let me enjoy the silence…

© laura ciciskinaite




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