Chasing Divinity

Chasing Divinity Seagul

Still running running,

Try reach the destination,

Destination Divinity!

Trying to find, trying to reach

It seems unreachable, unreal.

Moving towards, keep moving

Movement and effort,

Looking far and looking near

Where is it?

Zoom in, zoom out

Where is it?

Run around the world, run around the worlds…

The search was long, through time and space…

Even when body is still, running still happens,

Thoughts run so fast, beyond the speed of light,

One point to another…

Desire the desirelessness although it is still desire,

Fearing the fear although it is still a fear

Desiring go beyond desire and fear…

Thirst for Divinity

Who is going to sooth the thirst?

Diving deep in the ocean,

Asking seals and jelly fish

Where is the Divinity?

Seals answered, it is beyond imagination…

It is imagination itself, that imagines itself into existence

Although it is beyond imagination and beyond existence

It doesn’t exist it is not although thatness, noneness, imagine itself into existence…

Existence runs wild

That which exists wants to exist whether it is angel or demon

They find the meaning to exist, to be, even though they are not…

So were is the Divine?

Where is it not?


© laura ciciskinaite


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