August august Augustus…

Pink moon

The blackness of the August night, holds the red light of the blood moon,

Reflection of the luminary in the ocean water, so unreal,

Pink glitter playing in the waves, disturbing stillness of the summer night.

Run as fast as can run away from, run towards…

Run till can’t feel the body anymore,

The movement of the body, can’t feel the movement although surroundings move,

Changing episodes, moving clouds, falling stars like fireworks in the sky.

Leave the dead fishes behind, run towards new born seagulls,

Closing doors of old realities, opening new doors.

Seeing past as footprints in the sand,

Can’t even capture footprints, waves rush to clear them.

Aloneness in the night, feel the oneness with everything

Moving through darkness, like a sea wave.

Freedom of the night before it gives birth to the morning.

Dissolving darkest fears and running towards something beyond imagination,

Running towards self, an empty night sky.

Just leave the movement, just drop it, embrace the lightness

It feels like floating in the space, the lightness.

All that I lived for, all that I died for throughout those lifetimes,

Realizing mortality in immortality,

It was and it is not anymore,

So much movement…

Slipped like sand through my fingers

It seems I have ran forever,

Moving through existence,

Seeing civilizations rise and fall,

It was so meaningful and then the meaning changes…

August see as august the new year, new beginning, new movement…

© laura ciciskinaite


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