Addictions of da evil queen

Juodos Varnos 3

The queen of darkness lived glamorous and pompous life, she had many palaces many slaves, addicted to material success. She wanted to have, she wanted to possess everything she touched she wanted to own as her property, had to own, ownership as an addiction. Owning things, places, animals, people. Those who didn’t obey her she wanted to punish or at least push them and push in fear, so others would fear and revere her. She gained attention inducing fear in others. She became dark many many lifetimes ago. How this happened? Nobody remembers the story how she fell from the light or maybe she was born of darkness. Was she fallen or she was pure darkness itself? At some point in evolution certain beings fall into dark anger game and yes there is dark and light anger, if anger gets possessed by darkness and turns into hate and then this turns into suffering for the person and the surroundings of that person. Anger if processed and is on a light side, it is strength it is power although if that power gets possessed by darkness it turns into dark force into destructiveness. Powerful beings are very interesting for the light and dark side because over the many lives they learned how to wield power and you have to be an old soul to be master of the power wielding.

The queen was playing the darkness game for so long and this game is very addicting it is much worse than alcohol or drug addiction because it may last for many lives. Game of manipulation and abuse of power, as they say drunk on power or power tripping. This game takes beings in a low state of mind and they experience pain and suffering worse than others and they want spread that pain and suffering on others.The queen was possessed by seven demons; pride, gluttony, wrath, envy, greed, sloth, lust and she wanted to spread that vile reality onto others. There were few days that she wanted to change she had many chances to change, angels asked her to change. Angels didn’t know what to do with her, you can’t just send her to power addiction rehab, or maybe you can? Are there any power addiction rehabs in this universe, maybe it is, what if it happens that one of the rehabs is placed on planet earth? What if Earth is a rehab for vile power tripping beings? Well, this is hard time for young souls…If power tripping demons get unleashed they play ugly games and trash the environment, they spread chaos and suffering all over the place. War is one of their games.Queen who was tyrannical in nature needed many victims, if she wouldn’t have the victims how she would be a tyrant? Tyrant needs victims and victims need tyrant. This is a need game they need each other to coexist. What if victims would get tired of playing the same game over and over again and stop obeying?What if victims in the kingdom would take their power back? Would evil queen stop existing, where she would get power? Maybe she would cease to exist…

What if each individual in kingdom would be able to reconcile their inner darkness so evil tyrant queens or kings won’t be able to manifest in kingdom, if there are no victims there are no tyrants, tyrants can’t rule without victims. What if average village person would reconcile their inner petty tyrant? Tyranny wouldn’t be accepted as norm.Tyrant victim game was played for soo long the kingdom got tiered playing the same game over and over again, it was as if having the same bad day over and over again.Sadism in average man seen as micro cosmos and it manifests macro cosmos, man creates the culture within then it manifests the demagogues, the tyrants outside then it is convenient for an average man to say oh I’m just little me and those outside are big bad. Man’s psyche creates da monsters the personifications of mans darkness, insanity, unrest,misery. Personified evil tyrants…

It took two to tango, tyrant and victim.

Ban victim, ban tyrant!

The END of the tyrant victim game!

©laura ciciskinaite


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