Buying and selling, selling and buying…

What will you buy? What will you sell?

What is your worth? Who is valuing you?

Illusion within the illusion, Maya within the Maya

Wielded by the gods and the demons…

Who is selling better illusion and game?

What will you buy?What will you sell?

Tired of games and illusions!

Trying brake out of the labyrinth,

Want to break free,

Want to be free!

Stop selling lies, lies are boring!

Stop selling the games, games are outdated!

Lies are boring and not entertaining, just a noise

Meaningless noise…

Noise like dogs barking.

The dog is barking, the camel continues its journey.

Just move on.

The noise dies in the winds of existence, as if never existed.

The freedom WINS!


© Laura Ciciskinaite


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