Zen Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale Zen 5

Stillness of the forest,

Beauty of the nature,

Life cycle…

The yellow butterflies play in the spring sun rays,

The little miracles of the nature

Appearing out of nowhere.

Greenery of the trees,

Ground covered in the last years leaves,

Through brownness of the leaves, the blue flowers rise towards the spring sun,

The new grows out of an old,

The leaves ceasing to exist, give turn for the new life,

The New life springs out of an old…

Old and new,

Beginning and end,

Fall and spring,

Life and death

The play of duality,

Change in process…

Drink in the moment fully,

Desire rises to keep this moment forever,

Time stopped for a moment,there was no time…

Just want to grasp and hold the moment,

It was and it is not anymore,

Time to move on.

New moment starts new experience rise,

Can’t stop the change

Growth continues…


© Laura Ciciskinaite


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