Holiday Season

Arthur seat m

It is so still and cold…

It’s enchanting, the nature and stillness…

The sea looks like silk and it joins with sky…

Sky and water are one…

Like magical designer just sewed the perfect silk dress,

The ornaments on the silk dress, they move and dance,

All colours and sizes, birds move on the silky dress,

Birds form patterns, marvels drawings on the silky dress…

People celebrate Christmas in their homes, oblivious of creations,

Created by magical designer,

And designer plays, creates regardless if he is noticed by some,

And ignored by others.

Two otters play in the darkness,

Twilight is their friend, they are creatures of the night,

How come the swans are still up?

Two white creatures disturb the darkness,

And otters disturb the swans,

Someone hisses, someone doesn’t pay attention,

Everyone is busy minding their own business…

Creation continues…

© laura ciciskinaite


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