Finding falcon…Ra, Odin & Michael, letter from da Universe…

9F9F0CF4-A33E-4AB7-8821-6439A014ED2EIt was quite Saturday afternoon just a perfect weekend we were travelling to a sacred place, a lot of the times when I go there, interesting things happen.

The night before interesting blue beings wanted communicate with me although I fell asleep and later in the morning had interesting dream, that I’m going to see a pod of dolphins 🐬 and when got closer to the dolphins saw one dolphin got stuck into some human made structure or construction. I was helping dolphin to get out of that structure and then I woke up.

Now back to day trip, so the car was on the road and suddenly the bird flew straight in front of the car, my friend stopped the car jumped out of the car and brought the bird to me. This happened so fast I didn’t realise bird was in my hands.

Looked at the bird in my hands and saw it’s a small falcon, we had to make sure bird was ok, also we rang animal services. When we were sure that bird is fine, we had to release it in some green place with trees. As we were driving in the car we turned the corner and the street was called St Michaels, we released the bird there because there was a lot of greenery and bird would feel safe in the surroundings.

Why Ra and why Odin? These words, actually names were coming up a lot. As many may know Ra is an Egyptian god of sun 🌞. Also word Ra is kind of interesting in Russian language if you add one letter to it z then the word means ONE also word Odin in Russian language means ONE. Also Ra used to be portrayed as a human with a falcon head and falcons are very significant in Egyptian culture.

As if the words mean the god of light or the light itself…

Where Michael comes in this story, well…

The interesting thing about the bird was it just ate a pigeon for the lunch because of the feathers on its face that was very obvious…

This is as if bird said ‘Da Universe was sending you a personal letter and pigeon had to deliver the letter although I ate a pigeon and the letter, now I’m the letter.’
Universe has sense of humour…of course someone was wearing T-shirt with an owl 🦉, coincidence…

© laura ciciskinaite



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