Life wins…

…sometime, yesterday it was a hill of ashes, discarded carbon,

it seemed so lifeless…although today the grass and flowers 💐 grow,

sometime tomorrow the rabbit and the dear run,

the more advanced carbon and it’s alive and animated.

the hill is live and the sound comes as if it’s a rolling rock!

oh no, that’s more alive, it’s weasel chasing mouse…

the weasel small although it can even stop the CERN…

when nightfall comes the world seems dead although it’s

alive maybe even more than in the day time,

the bats they are so fast like flying jets,

manoeuvre skills of bats are better than the bolide…

the rats that are creatures of the night, appear and disappear as lightning,

they swim and dive like speed boats…

the things that humans are not aware so much…

there is a world out there, it’s magical with fairies and magic beings…

be aware of life and magic of life…

What realities you see?

What realities you support?

It’s time to let go of realities that are dead,

Don’t drag them as a useless burden.

Invest in life!

Life wins!


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