La Palma human fears & prophecy solutions

Humans are interesting creatures they are afraid of so many things and most of those fears are irrational.

The biggest human fears are:

Fear of death which manifested at his biggest last few years, strangely enough when I take out one tarot card for the year, for few years it was death card. Most humans didn’t face it and it started manifesting in physical realm.

Another big fear is fear of unknown. Although it could be not exactly fear but what people think they know about the unknown. Human beings think that they know everything. Unknown is always bigger what humans know…

Third fear would be fear of light, funny enough people talk a lot about love and light. Only few years ago I realised that people don’t know how to enjoy, they don’t know what love is… quite few live and dead people said to me, they lived life and they didn’t realise what love is…

Another quiet scary thing when people talk a lot about love and light they are possessed by dark entity, sad and scary.

Few times I was talking to people about Nirvana experience and strangely enough that puts panic in their face.

Fourth fear would be fear of self expression, people afraid to express themselves because for long time they where prohibited to do so. Educational systems suppress people, constant peer pressure and after certain number of years person becomes tame pet. This might explode one day… you can suppress things just for so long…

Lockdown pushed people even further… now there is nowhere to run people had to face the fears otherwise fears manifest in physical reality.

Since year 2014 manifestation process become very quick. So you have to be aware what you wish for and what are your fears.

Now, the volcano it sort of manifestation of human subconscious. As Carl Jung said “Until you make unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. “

Few years ago I seen these worm creatures they were very big and they were planing to play with elementals and cause chaos on this planet. The sad thing about it was nobody could stop them…maybe someone will…

So taking into consideration human fears, maybe certain humans want those bad incidents to happen, events apocalypse like. Maybe that’s why bad beings couldn’t be stopped…Now we see these crazy weather events and volcanos becoming active. More volcanos became active not just the one in La Palma.

Early this year I was making youtube video prophecy and I was holding this tarot card which was with active volcano and stormy sea. Also I was sitting in front of a place which use to be a volcano and the see became stormy. That view and card was as a prophecy it self.

Link to a video above.

So what would be a solution?

One if humans could face the fears do the shadow work.

Two express themselves; move move the body walk, swim…best one I think is dance. Let your body express itself, put on the music you like switch off the lights and let the body move. Don’t be ashamed of your body, let it move let it express, in your room nobody sees you, you are the DJ and superstar, don’t judge yourself, don’t judge your judgement, express be alive….

If you can sing sing, learn high vibrational singing then it’s healing, high vibrational sound heals…

If you can put yourself into balance it effects surroundings and nature, even weather…

Other interesting thing about La Palma that area was know as Nazi hide out, so maybe they were doing their experiments in the area…Also there could be some kind of technologies hidden… maybe earth decided to destroy things that shouldn’t be there.

To end on a good note nobody was killed by elementals, even stray dogs were saved.


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