Biggest human additions

Humans on planet earth seem quite addictive creatures. The most common addictions like:

Food addiction, humans seem to consume way too much food, they eat too much, a lot of what they eat we can’t even call food, if you can eat it, this doesn’t mean it’s fuel for the human body, it is just a product that is sold and the consequences of that. No one is liable…

Humans were designed eat very little and not every day. Although food in our day has little or no nutrients…maybe that explains addiction…like hungry ghost trying to fill their hunger and never get satisfied. Yeah,humans seem very unsatisfied…

Other addiction is alcohol, this particular one is portal opener…and entities feed on those people. Entities and ghost live life through them. Junk food may cause entity attachments, just like in movie Branded.

There are other addictions like gambling, shopping…

Coo-dependent relationships with people, is a big one, and humans call it love…it is just an addiction…

All the above are well know addictions although behind all of it could be bigger addiction, it’s addiction of suffering. Most religions in this world promote suffering. It seems religions built their shops in market place and they sell suffering as virtue and meaning off life, unfortunately…

That’s why people find it hard to find meaning in life because someone or something gave the meaning for them. If you suffer your life is meaningful, if someone says they don’t suffer then it is a crime. How dare you to not suffer?!

Drama and suffering is heavily advertised in media outlets, and if the movie is about someone miserable it is considered ’valuable’. If there is no suffering or /and drama it has no value, people think it is boring if story lacks in drama and suffering. Peoples imagination is not trained for ,the drama/ suffering free storyline.

Why people so addicted to low states of mind like suffering?
Because something sold them those ideas, meanings and some creatures live lives through humans, humans are very creative beings and are very important in existential experience. That is why other beings try to use humans and human creativity. Humans take ideas and desires from harmful sources… this has to change…it is changing…

Humans also think that problems could be solved by taking a ’magic’ pill, even in movie Matrix you have to take pill… What if you won’t take a pill? And just like Alice in wonderland you have to consume something to become bigger or smaller…

The moment someone tells you have only two choices…really?! What if there are more.

Humans haven’t even started accessing their true potential.

5 D it is still a limitation, this planet can be up to 7th dimension. Buddhist talk about 12 dimensions.

Soon establishment might offer immortality pill, don’t be fooled most likely it’s some kind of their frankensteinian experiments.

Organic people win, organic immortality.

Humans have so many desires, ideas, thoughts… where all of this come from? Most of it comes from matrix and unseen sources, entities. When people try to meditate and they can’t stop thought process, it is good to know most of those thoughts are not yours, especially if you live in the city 🌆.

People are overfill with thoughts, desires…they over consume things,food, alcohol…and the keep popping pills 💊…cup is overfilled…It is an image of overfilled car tank and one smallest spark may cause explosion 💥!

It’s time to empty the cup, spend time in nature, fast for a day…
Can you hear silence?

You know who you are?

Get to know yourself… it is so interesting…it is a process…

Actions you can take, meditation, spend time in nature, walking. You don’t need props and attributes, silence is best adviser…


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