Magical Water and Manifestation

So from most basic science classes we know three states of water like solid ice, liquid water and vapor of course! Although now scientists know there is fourth state of water which is plasma.

Wonder if scientists really understand the fourth state? And what water really is…

The photo you see above is me in the waves of Northern Sea and in the background there is a rainbow, maybe not very visible although it is there, water covered it.

This reality we live in is made of light and sound it is a hologram, computer game.

It starts manifesting at light pixel level from the void or no thingness then pixels start to form into a shape it is similar to photo. When you zoom in the photo you see pixels before zoom you not even aware of pixels.

Try and do an experiment when it is daylight and stare into empty space you will see light pixels playing in the air.

I’m sure everyone see pixels they are clear like droplets of water and you can’t fix your gaze on one because they constantly move.

In night time you may see them having colours.

Light pixels turn into structures that seem more solid it’s like auras and then they become mater.

Water is interesting element because our physical body is about 70% water.

Water gets effected by vibrations for example music how high vibrational music create nice structures in water and destructive sounds create chaotic structures. As if structure is chaotic or harmonic. Like an instrument if it is out of tune, it creates chaotic noises and when in tune creates music.

Human body if it is in tune it’s a wonderful instrument if not it creates diseases and death. Although it should be immortal because cells renew all the time. So if you have ill organ( notice the name it’s like an instrument) when cells renew all the time, organ should become healthy… although something makes ill cells? What makes those ill cells? Maybe sound, programs…

Now back to my water experience, that day was wonderful the water world was at it’s best fishes, water birds, amazing gannets… also I could see little rainbows in the waves also bigger rainbow appeared in the sky even though it was no rain.

Interesting how rainbow manifest sometimes you have perfect conditions for rainbow to appear although it doesn’t and sometimes it appears even in night sky.

Rainbow as light, manifestation starts at this point… sometimes when you look at the sky and gaze you see unmanifest rainbows.

The purest form of water, morning dew condensed atmospheric water, it seems it manifests out of nowhere. Even in summer time and there was no rain for a long time it appears every morning.

I have visited few sacred wells over my life some have water running even there was no no rain for long time, also streem doesn’t slow down. The water from well seems silky and live not like the one from tap.

It has been noticed UFO like to appear near body’s of water or from the body’s of water.

Famous UFO base in Baltic Sea. I wrote short article about it. Egle snake queen The link to article.


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