Is …ona real & the split in reality

Observing situation in this world seems people thought they were thinking they were immortal. Then suddenly when…Ona appeared and people realised they are mortal and …Ona is the only thing that may kill them.
Some people started believing that that only thing will save them from death is black magic needle craft. The injection will save them from every problem in life. It seems people think they would take insurance and needle black magic and then become immortal and invincible…

So I had few seeing’s about this…Ona thing, the name shall not be named, apparently…Ona is in old creature, it is water borne, NOT bat 🦇 born. It is not lab made, someone released the ‘kraken’ for certain reasons only know for prime creator.
For some people it is very real and it may end their physical existence hopefully they get their resolutions in after life.

The images above are oracle cards I did card reading on …Ona thing to ask what it is and it confirmed my seeings, the cards show that it comes from prime creator also you see spider web and snail which is lockdowns and slowing of life. It seems like this thing forced people to face their fears and shadow for them life was scary.
Although some people started using a phrase that…Ovid is a gift that keeps on giving, the third card symbolises that, new life, new experiences, a lot of people had very magical spiritual experiences. Probably that …Ovid is a thing that separates realities.
Reality started separating before 2012, spiritual people where waiting for changes in physical world because the year 2013 came and it was the year that didn’t exist and nothing happened. Now year 2021 year came and it is very visible what happened in energetic realm before 2012. And there was this meme in internet saying that Mayans were dislexic 2012 and 2021.

It so interesting cards also show creature coming from a water and the…Ona is water borne. Also a card shows black magic needle craft, interesting.

So what is going to resolve the situation, time…The cards also confirmed this, time is written on the cards.

The cards are Oracle of Shadows by Arabo Sargesjan


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