Inevitable meeting

meet again

Through the worlds, through the lifetimes

We been wondering, searching and searching,

We been lost in crowds of strangers,

The crowds that felt soo foreign…

You were so far away, far away…

I wished you near by my side,

Far and near…

Why the distance?

Separation that is painful,

Too far and I wish you near,

We lost in space and time,

We try to find each other,

Playing hide and seek within existence.

How long we going to play this?

Who is running?

Who is hiding?

Who is searching?

Searching for what?

You will find it were you lost it,

Loosing and finding…

Who separated us?

We are together in the worlds of light,

The power that draws us together,

The unstoppable power,

We meet again,

Through worlds and lifetimes,

Each time we meet and we win,

We have created stories and we are creating new stories,

Togetherness creates more opportunities,

The meeting birth a new world,

We win for sure!

© laura ciciskinaite



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