New Year Destination Love Light Joy


Darkness of the room enlightened by the candle and the moonlight,

Two lights that dance the tango,

The being overwhelmed by the feelings,

Kaleidoscope of feelings,

Feelings dance the dance,

Sad and happy…

Togetherness and loneliness,

Gratitude and emptiness,

The amplitude of human feelings,

Low and high,

Gravity and levity,

Thank you feelings!

Experiences, memories

Were they real or just fantasy,

It doesn’t matter,

Thanks for the memories!

Watching it like a movie,

Movies and short episodes,

Pass by…

People entering and exiting,

Some stay some leave,

Welcome in some, say goodbye to others,

Thanks for the memories and experiences,

Wishing you well who is leaving,

Saying hi to new experiences…

Life says,

To be continued…

New Year,

New moment,

Every moment is a New Year new you,

You enter the moment as new you…

Aim awareness, love, light, joy and beyond!

© laura ciciskinaite



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