Sleeping beauties

Doves sb

They dream the dream,

Nightmare or sweet dream,

Sleeping beauties,

So innocent like doves,

Who knows innocent or insane…

In the eye of eternity equal.

Don’t wake them up if they not ready to wake up,

Let life sing them a lullaby,

So, beauties dream the dream…

The dream soo real, soo real…

Beauties want to hold the dream,

Sweet dream, mesmerizing dream,

Don’t shatter the magic spell,

Beauties will hate you for wake up call…

The Buddha the awakened one

The enemy of sleeping beauties,

The dream so real, so special and important, irreplaceable,

The Buddha walked into beauties dream,

The Buddha also a dream,

Dreams itself into the dream,

Just to awaken those who are ready to awake,

The Buddha is she a boon or a curse?

For some she is a boon,

For some a curse…

Do you want to wake up?

Wake up!

Awake NOW


© laura ciciskinaite


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