Owls 🦉 UFO 🛸 Aliens

The first encounter with an owl you can see it in the photo. It is a big male eagle owl.

It was weekend I was walking in shopping mall and I saw lots of birds of prey sitting there in the middle of shopping mall, I went to see the birds, I can say I questioned ethics of keeping these birds in captivity, although in wild their life is very tough, about 70 % of beings don’t even survive their first year of life.

So I was looking at birds and decided get a photo with biggest bird, so big bird was sitting on my arm, he is very heavy bird. He looked at me non stop, he was very curious. The bird had this cat bird energy about him. After photo I looked at birds once more and left the shopping mall, this was first experience with a captive bird of prey. First time I seen owl this close. I can probably my favourite bird an owl.

I use to go to meditate in this nature place and there were a lot of birds in the area. Many times the birds would surround me, other beings would come out too. One night I was meditating and suddenly owl flew right to my face and it looked into my eyes, the owl 🦉 was literally right in my face about few cm away from my face. The owls have this very subtle energy about them they are very silent, nearly invisible. I never heard owl flying around me, it seemed like it appeared out of nowhere. The owl was curious it looked at me and flew away. The owl was small and harmless it just wanted to check who came into it’s hunting territory. I kind of enjoyed this experience seeing wild owl this close and looking at me.

One spring evening I went to my meditation place I lay down on the ground because I had back pain, closed my eyes. I was lying for few minutes, I suddenly opened my eyes and see this bird sitting on the stone and looking at me. I never heard it flying because it was an owl of course. It started circling around me and when it left my back pain gone it seemed owl cured my back pain.

I heard few stories of people having experience with owls and they say it was related to UFO or alien experience. In their stories owls were very big. Owls I encountered were rather small. I would think they were just birds maybe sometimes they were ‘spies’ for the subsurface beings although they seemed benevolent. Some of them were probably curious birds checking out who entered their territory. A lot of birds and animals approach me when I’m alone in nature they usually friendly. Could they be ‘spies’ for other beings? Probably yes because this way can observe humans and see their intentions. Also other beings wouldn’t want humans to be scared, imagine seeing some other being that you never seen before? I know I seen other kinds of beings and body gets scared because it doesn’t compute what stands in front. Humans are afraid of the unknown.

Recently when I was meditating outdoors owl came out again and it was circling above me and making lots noise. That was a bit mischievous owl and I could sense it was checking who this new person is.

The owl for me is like cat bird being, wise, subtle sometimes nearly invisible. I always wondered if there is owl Kung fu style, officially I couldn’t find any records of owl Kung fu style although if it were it may be mystery for the most…


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