Pink storm in da 🌃 city

23352908-825B-49C0-9FEA-B67F9ADFFB7Bpink storm, that is playing in da city,

it seems the beings play with it,and they enjoy the play,

pink petals from the trees,

the petals like some silky snowflakes, they swirl in the wind, they play,

they dance…

two herons dance, in the background of the pink sunset,

if sky is pink,tomorrow you’ll see a storm…is that a pink storm?

two ducks enjoying their date and they are going for a walk,together,

the pink storm might affected them.

the people selling flowers on a corner of the street.

the other people buy them, the pink storm has affected them.

they bought all the roses, pink of course!

the roses are for others to impress…

this is like two swans, on surface of the lake,

puffed up their white feathers,try to impress each other,

they dance swan dance…

two male pheasants, fight each other, just to impress the female…

are they all mad? or what?


it is just pink storm and it affected them all!

it’s spring, the time of storm,that it is pink…     

© laura ciciskinaite


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